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About Rory...

I live in Sacramento, which is the state capitol of California. I grew up in the nearby San Francisco Bay Area. I live alone and I work from home, running a business that publishes books and offers online classes for librarians' continuing education. One thing I like about my job and personal life is that I have the freedom to travel, which I love to do.

I am interested in all sorts of postcards, but some things I like are:
- artistic or unusual
- something from your native culture, folk art
- postcards that are made by artists, or homemade
- books and libraries
- modern and contemporary art, actually any art
- antique or mid 20th-century postcards
- cars and transportation
- birds and nature
- cats
- portraits of interesting people
- vintage erotica
- anything unusual, including the bizarre or strange
- advertisements are great; they can be interesting
- national or regional flags
- map cards

I do not usually like typical tourist postcards, but occasionally I do.

I'd like it if you wrote something in your native language, with a translation. Languages and writing systems are very interesting to me.

If you want an idea for what to write about:

- your thoughts on God (or non-God)
- your thoughts about politics
- a secret
- song lyrics from your country, translated
- something interesting about your town or city
- your favorite foods
- what have you studied
- some odd facts about a hobby or interest of yours
- some odd facts about your job
- a drawing
- something it seems like I might like

Tell me how to connect with you on Facebook if you like! Also, if you are looking for someone to host you for a visit to California, I would be happy to share my hospitality. And I like to travel, too.

My favorites list is mostly cards I have already received. When I receive a card, if I really like it, I favorite it. There are some others on the list as well...