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About Ryan...

Hey, I'm Ryan. I'm a PhD student (computer science) from Bristol but currently living in Durham, UK. I love music, playing the drums, learning Spanish, Game of Thrones card games, reading and going to interesting art and photography exhibitions.

Recently I had a research paper published on Postcrossing and it was featured on the Postcrossing blog: http://www.postcrossing.com/blog/2012/09/20/postcrossing-in-academia

If you would like to read the paper then please go to the link above to download a free copy. And feel free to drop me an email if you want to talk more about research!

Now, onto Postcrossing. I'm interested in receiving postcards from all over the world - my goal is to make a wall display with postcards from as many different countries as possible.

In general I'm happy with whatever type of card you want to send me. Have a look at my Favourites and Sent postcards if you need more ideas. Here are some ideas for motifs that would make me happy:

- Music related, showing bands or famous musicians
- Musical instruments
- Movie postcards, actors, famous faces
- Game of Thrones
- Black & white pictures or photography
- Imagery with stark colours, e.g. rainbows, fireworks, horizons
- Famous events, iconic or poignant imagery (e.g. gates of Auschwitz, which I have)
- Angry Birds! :)
- Maps, cartography
- Stamps & Philately
- Animals, maybe something native to your area
- Quirky technology, computer equipment, or anything similar
- Characters - computer games, comics, D.C., Marvel, Star Wars, etc.
- Beautiful scenery, natural landscapes, rocks, wildlife, the moon, rivers, etc.
- Trees with coloured leaves (red, yellow, etc), autumn or winter scenes
- Street art and other graphics, professional drawings, paintings, especially Asian art
- Objects you might not expect to see on postcards (e.g. kites, vases, oranges, whatever - something weird!)
- Humorous/funny drawings
- Indigenous people, tribes or developing societies
- Outer space, Universe, planets, science.
- Tea related. I love tea! (I'm English after all)
- Something from your local area, maybe something you find odd or interesting.
- Something I haven't listed here that you think is interesting, original, or a bit different from everything else I've listed!

My only 'negative' requests: I would prefer not to receive multiviews if possible. Also I don't like ad cards turned into postcards with paper and glue, sorry.

If you received a card from me, I chose it especially for you so hope you liked it. I never send the same card more than once, so all of my cards are unique. By the way, the reverse side of my postcards won't be blank, I hope yours won't be either.

I look forward to receiving your card!

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