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About Trang...

Updated: My boyfriend Andrew proposed on Christmas morning and I said yes!!!
Trang & Andrew's wedding will be on July the 28, 2019. The wedding theme is navy blue and champagne and I really hope you guys can send us postcards of all kind of blue shades with your wishes on the back. They will be displayed in our wedding reception. Thank you so much!

I'm originally from Vietnam but studying my PhD in Canada.
My favorite are:
university campus,
natural scenery,
food and recipes,
cultural things (such as costume, food, music, festive...)
But all other postcards will be welcomed! Please DON'T send me funcards, selfmade, ad-cards or commercial cards. Only real postcards please!!!

✉️ I am not fond or sending or receiving blank cards, with no message on them. I think the message on the cards is as important as the picture on the other side.
Please send me unfolded, written postcards without envelopes.

Though I live permanently in Canada, I do love travelling and might send you a postcard from one of the countries I have traveled to. I have been to: 17 countries and still counting. I do have a big collection of various Vietnamese postcards. If I request an address to send a postcard to and realize that recipient hasn't received any postcard from Vietnam, I would happy to send them a Vietnamese one.

Happy postcrossing and all the best to you!

P.s: Some (amongst many) postcard collections that I'm offering for postcard swap:
Pixas cartoons
Star Wars
Natual Wildlife

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