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About Trang...

I'm originally from Vietnam but studying my PhD in Canada.
My favorite are:
university campus,
natural scenery,
food and recipes,
cultural things (such as costume, food, music, festive...)
But all other postcards will be welcomed! Please DON'T send me funcards, selfmade, ad-cards or commercial cards. Only real postcards please!!!

✉️ I am not fond or sending or receiving blank cards, with no message on them. I think the message on the cards is as important as the picture on the other side.
Please send me unfolded, written postcards without envelopes.

Though I live permanently in Canada, I do love travelling and might send you a postcard from one of the countries I have traveled to. I have been to: 17 countries and still counting. I do have a big collection of various Vietnamese postcards. If I request an address to send a postcard to and realize that recipient hasn't received any postcard from Vietnam, I would happy to send them a Vietnamese one.

Happy postcrossing and all the best to you!

P.s: Some (amongst many) postcard collections that I'm offering for postcard swap:
Pixas cartoons
Star Wars
Natual Wildlife

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