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About Francesca...

Hello! :)

I'm Francesca, and I live in a little village in Wales, UK. I work in a veterinary clinic.
I love reading good stories, animals of all shapes and sizes, nature, geeky things, pretty things and tea. I love to go beachcombing and like to collect seaglass with the hope of one day making jewellery and art from it. What's the coolest thing you've found on a beach or in nature?

Cards I'd love to get:
•Pretty landscapes from your country.
•Ocean views and lighthouses.
•Castles, Churches and Cathedrals.
•Famous monuments.
•Theme Parks - Disneyland, Alton Towers etc.
•Touristy type cards (especially from America, I'm trying to collect one from every state!).
•Animals and birds (especially cats, otters and hummingbirds).
•'Fauna of Belarus'.
•Nature scenes and Flowers.
•Weather - lightning, snow, storms etc.
•Colourful cards

I'd be thrilled with any card that I receive, really, and I'd love to hear about your life, or some random facts about your community! I find local legends and folk stories fascinating!

If you enjoy painting or drawing feel free to paint a picture on the back of the card, I would love to see it! I have a shelf where I show any original art I receive!

I also collect bookmarks, so if you have one spare I would be very grateful!

In June 2021 my partner and I welcomed our first baby into the world. He had a bumpy start but now he is doing much better! ❤️ His name is Robin and he loves penguins 🐧🐧

Hope you're having a lovely day and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

P.S Any Pokemon Go players feel free to add me, my ID is 4183 7094 2848 😊

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