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About Ramunė...

Hey, you!
I hope you doing great and healthy. ❤️ I'm Ramune and I am 22 y.o., now I studying business management and analytics and it is my last year.

I love music! Its big part of my life. I listen to rock a lot, bands like Green Day, Queen, AC DC, Red Hot Chill Peppers are my favourite, but of course, exist much more bands which I love. :D As well I'm collecting CD and vinyl records. It's an amazing activity. :))))))

I like reading books. Now because of my studies, I have to read a lot about economic and business management... honestly, it's getting boring after 4 years:DDDD In my free time I like to read psychology, philosophy, some classic literature. My favourite writers are Oscar Wilde, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Richar Bach, Bulgakov, Hesse, Hemingway and a lot more...

Talking about my personality... I'm really friendly, sarcastic person, I love spending time with my friends and just have fun. I'm big optimistic, every day with a smile :P and I'm green as hell :P
wait... I forgot... the most important word which describes me is "CrAZy" (I hope in a good way:DDDD)

I would like to receive postcards with:
* Rock bands
* Punk rock lifestyle, anarchy
* street art /graffiti
* Strike, protest, rule-breaking
* mouses | hamster | rats (its the cutest animal in the world... ❤️)
* Japan or Chines art
* something with music
* funny postcards, maybe memes
* COMICS ( Its one more my activities... I'm in love with marvel comics!)
* Mickey Mouse :P
* Joker!!!! ❤️
* black and white postcard ( I will be very glad if you send me it! )
* landscapes
* colourful postcard
* retro, vintage, old postcards
* black - white films actresses ( Audrey Hadburn, Merlin Monroe and etc.)
* night view
* art
* animations

Another question is "What I should write for this girl?"
So I will give an answer to you.
>Tell me what makes you happy?
> Write a joke
> Maybe you can recommend me a music artist to listing too
> Some good movie you watch and it was just amazing
> Interesting and funny fact about your country you are from

By the way, If you are interested in snail mail. Just write me a letter as I would love to send letters to each other ❤️ you can check my letter art in Instagram: happyletterblog

Sending you all my best wishes and hope you are doing great and safe

P.S. I would love to get some big stickers near the postcard. As I totally love stickers hah

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