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About Toby...

Hello from the sunny and extremely hot island/city/country of Singapore!

Interests include: Sports (Football/Soccer, Basketball), Photography, and of course collection of Numismatics and Philatelic items (mainly philatelic nowadays).

In summary, Tourist Viewcards (single view if possible) extremely welcome, all tourist viewcards are okay with me. It'll be an added bonus if you can send something from the following list (but no obligation if you can't!) of my general preferences:
1. Flags, viewcards of country/state/county/province/region/city
2. Culture (eg. Sports teams, festivals etc)
3. Nationalistic/Patriotic Cards (not including anti-government or anti-president propaganda though)
4. Ad cards of MOVIES and TV SHOWS ONLY (especially international film ads in a foreign language, ie. not English)

Also, if you are from Australia, Canada, Germany and the US, I'm looking for viewcards from State/Provincial and Federal Capital Cities. If you have any of these it would be great, if not no worries any normal viewcard will do :)

Maxicards and First Day Covers are also welcome - if you want to send those, please, send in an envelope though! Postcards I'd like them written and stamped as usual.

Thanks in advance for the card!


My gallery of received cards (if you'd want to, you can have a look here to see what type of cards I like): http://bit.ly/tobzcards
Instagram: http://bit.ly/tobzINSTA


*For Trade Requests: Contact me via email: duddexz@gmail.com. Any requests outside of Postcrossing must come with some identification, ie. please state Postcrossing and your username.

*If you happen to come across one of my sent cards and like it, I'd be happy to swap if you ask - pending availability of course :)


Singapore, officially the REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE, is an independent and sovereign nation and is not part of China. Also, Singapore and Hong Kong are not the same, Singapore is a country (as mentioned above) while Hong Kong is an autonomous Chinese city. Plenty of ignorants about and it's annoying.

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