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About Gisela...

thanks for visiting my profile.

here is the list of postcards I would love to receive of course it is not a must, just to give you a few ideas the order is randomized:

-recipe cards
-maps, flag
-native animals
-Tarot cards
-Jenny Nystroem,s Christmas cards (please just unwritten, thanks)
-famous people, artists, actors e.g.
-rows of houses which have a perspective
-deutsche Ortsschilder
-retro reprints of old add cards
-American Islands
-did you know
-or the most common tourist card your small city offers

To Chinese Postcrossers:
I am still looking for these UNESCO WHS from your country, great if you could help:

• Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom
• Historic Centre of Macao
• Yin Xu
• Mount Sanqingshan National Park
• Mount Wutai
• China Danxia

-and as it is the year of the Horse, I would love to receive cards of them

If you still dont know what to send here are a few more hints to my latest collections:

To German and Dutch Postcrosser
I sammel Chronikkarten - Ik verzamel ansichtkaarten kroniek
hier der link fuer die Karten die ich schon habe: oder Ortsschilder:

oder diese deutschen National Parks:

To Russian Postcrosser
I try to collect all 20 towers of the Kremlin. Single views as much as possible, if they exist.

To US/Canadian Postcrossers
I now collect car license plate cards. This is my sad poor collection. Great if you could help

If you are interested in swapping postcards, you might want to join my travelling envelope RR in the forum. Groups with different themes are always open:

I really prefere my cards unwritten in an envelope whenever possible, but please write a little something on a tiny note.Because I like to know who is sending the card

Please dont be disappointed if you dont find the card you send me in my favorites. As soon as I get any card from my fav album I will take it out to avoid getting duplicates. I keep all my cards, file them and load them up into my flickr account. So every card you send me will be in good hands with me.:)

Thanks for taken the time to read my profile

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