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About Elena...

(My email address is, you will get a faster response from me if you message me directly!)

Hi there, I'm Elena from Plymouth, the UK. I'm currently studying a fine art degree. I'm in my second year and I have chosen to look specifically at "Mail Art". Receiving mail is my favourite thing! I play the violin, classical guitar and mandolin, I write poetry, make zines, journal and I also make my own faux stamps which you can browse and purchase at my etsy shop! (

I will be happy to receive absolutely ANYTHING through the post, so be creative in your choices! But if you're stuck, here are some of my absolute favourite things:

-Handmade postcards
-Beautiful photographs/illustrations
-"Unconventional" postcards (I'll let you interpret that)
-Black and white/sepia
-Vintage postcards
-Butterflies and moths
-Fantasy creatures, especially fairies and dragons!
-Birds, especially songbirds and owls!
-Farmyard creatures
-Northern Lights
-Cultural/touristy postcards

-Something in your native language (with a translation to English) That would be so cool!
-About your day
-About the weather today, yesterday, in general
-Book recommendations
-Poetry and quotes (your own or your favourite)
-Interesting stamps
-A little about you, your likes and interests.
-A little about your town/city.

I love receiving little gifts/cultural pieces, with postcards, for example bus tickets, leaflets, bookmarks, chocolates... but really, don't feel obliged! I really don't mind whether you put the postcard in an envelope or not, whatever's easier for you!

I have no preference with regards to size. (Or shape!)

I really look forward to hearing from you, and hope that the postcards I send will be well received.

All the best, now and always,

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