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About Diane...

Hi! I am Diane from the capital city of the Philippines, Manila!

About me:
- I love to travel and to see things with my own eyes which is why I’m not a very big fan of photography or tourist/view postcards. I especially love traveling to Japan! I try to travel to Japan at least once a year and would like to live and work there someday.

- I used to work at the Philippine Postal Corp. as a product manager for Philately. Mainly dealing with bilateral relations or partnerships with other countries.

- I am a huge Disney fan and have been to all the Disneyland parks in the world. My favorite is the one in Tokyo! I haven’t been to Walt Disney World though so it is a big dream of mine to be able to go there. Although I love Disney, I’m not that much of a fan of Pixar, Marvel, and Starwars.

- I LOVE KAWAII!!!! I am in love with all cute things in general! I love anything in pastel, kawaii characters, Disney, cute food, and illustrated rabbits.

- Aside from postcrossing, another hobby of mine is baking! A couple years ago, I decided to study pastry arts on the side and got my diploma!

- I drink coffee or tea at least once a day! I especially love cute tea bag packaging (like Karel Capek tea or English Tea Shop) and I have a tea journal.

- I have started my postcard collection on September 2017.

My postcard collection includes the ff. themes:

Disney Store Japan 25th Annniversary Postcards
Duffy and Friends
Other Disney (especially characters with food)
poppy flower
illustrated rabbits, teddy bears
cute animal drawings
KAWAII (sanrio, san-x, upcheeka, etc.)
Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ♡
food illustrations, honey, lemon, picnic
Sweet couple illustrations (boy and girl)
Belle and Boo
Karel Capek postcards by Yamada Utako
Japanese gotochi/ shaped cards
Anne Taintor
Postcards with sexual innuendo (only the front part)
Funny/ Sarcastic

Please don't go into too much trouble to find a card to fit my collection. I would be happy with any card I would receive! Please don't worry, I don't throw away cards that don't fit my collection. I keep all cards I get :)

Also, please don’t say “sorry I don’t have anything on your list”... it makes me feel sad. I would much rather read a message about your favorite food if you can’t think of anything to talk about :)

P.S. I register all cards when I get them!

I prefer to receive postcards written, with a fake/used small value stamp in an envelope because people in my country tend to place postmarks on the beautiful images on the card front. But you can send cards to me naked too! This is just my preference ☺️

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