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About Michaela...

Hello, my name is Michaela, I'm 22 years old and I live in the Czech Republic. It is a small country in the middle of Europe.

I'd like to see how your country looks like, what the habits in your country are, what culture there is, etc. Something what describes your country :)

I prefer written and stamped postcards.

I like postcards with:

- historical events or postcards connected to history (wars, business, entrepreneurs, etc.) E.g. I have already received a Ford postcard or a Berlin Wall postcard.
- Native Americans

- GREETINGS FROM (official from Postalove from a country of origin) - please check my website so you see those I already received.

- mapcards of US states. You can send me these: ID, IL, IA, MN, NE, NH, ND, SD, VT, WY.

- Martin Luther King Jr.
- Coca cola postcards
- MAP cards
- penguins
- winter countryside
- NIGHT VIEWS, cityviews
- nature and countryside
- wild animals
- The Beatles, The Jackson 5, Abba, singers (USA)
- peace signs
- different celebration events

- WWF postcards (or some organisations which help to make the world a better place)
- original postcards from your country (like what is typical for your country)

I started collecting New 7 Wonders of the world: http://michaelaprochazkova.wix.com/pjhehepostcards#!new7wonders-of-the-world/cq7c

and Wonders of nature: http://michaelaprochazkova.wix.com/pjhehepostcards#!nature/cgbd

But I will be happy for every postcard! I am very excited for every postcard I get! :)

Please look at my postcards, which I already have :) http://michaelaprochazkova.wix.com/pjhehepostcards

Thank you so much and have a nice day :)

P.S. I've started collecting coins and banknotes so if you want, i will be happy if you send me a postcard with some coins on it.

Expired postcards:


CZ-1521972 - raban - Germany


CZ-1370139 - FawnSam - Netherlands
CZ-1368946 - Artiom - Russia


CZ-781759 - borelely - Netherlands
CZ-795824 - Nordblut - Germany


CZ-599922 - karinalav - Russia


CZ-359498 - raminciuks - Lithuania
CZ-364131 - NemoHaruhi - Russia
CZ-377450 - EllaDing - China
CZ-406067 - Yeefea - China
CZ-410365 - ratchadaporn - Thailand
CZ-457168 - cabbie - Philippines
CZ-485137 - IrinaValverde - Russia
CZ-512464 - Naobie - South Africa
CZ-518357 - lokhoffman - Ukraine
CZ-566390 - momoyoho - China


CZ-282761 - Carilin - Taiwan
CZ-293232 - harrington - U.S.A.
CZ-306951 - globi - Germany
CZ-311213 - Candy96 - Taiwan
CZ-330932 - NastyaNastena - Ukraine
CZ-332779 - akm4 - U.S.A.
CZ-351878 - Jodie-Tseng - Taiwan
CZ-352657 - Brotmesser - Germany

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