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About pistaradox...

Hello! My name is Julia. I am a first year mathematics undergrad. It is also my first year living in London as I went to a sixth form college in Brighton, UK. I am originally from Shanghai.

I speak English, Mandarin, a teeny bit of German (which is what I'm currently working on) and Japanese.

My fav bands are-- the Cure, Pink Floyd, Mansun, Franz Ferdinand, Sonic Youth and Smashing Pumpkins.

I love all sorts of postcards! especially--

-brainy& nerdy postcards (maths, physics, philosophy, engine, computer science, politics, economics, psychology, literature, medicine related)

-local art works


-colourful cards

-Roy Lichtenstein

-Planes, Engines& machines

-books!! and famous writers/poets in your country

-movies--especially Tarantino/Jarmusch/Kubrick/Fellini movies (also Fight Club ,the godfather, any samurai movies)


-maps, annotated pictures and graphs/charts

-postcard of stylish gals/guys

-fooooooood& drink postcards!


-happy carnival/festival people

-cheetahs(not leopards!), penguins, horses, zebras, giraffes, butterflies& moths, rhinoceros, cats, birds


-old vogue magazine style or retro ones

-WWI and WWII postcards or any military related ones

-Famous people in your country ( the royal family, president etc.)

-anything unusual/creative/fun

I prefer postcards WITHOUT envelopes.

I DON'T like MULTI-view cards because of the lack of detail. Single view is fine :)

Thank you very much for your card! Please write me some random stuff,(for example: a recipe, your best moment of the week, your favourite cheese, memorable stuff someone said to you that day, a nice joke, a random fact...) Literally anything!
If you speak Mandarin you can write in Chinese instead of English if you want to :)

Last, but not least, if you want direct swaps, please send me a message, and write something about you& what kind of cards you like.

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