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About Phyllis...

***For Postcrossers from Korea, you can write in Korean cause i'm learning Korean now:)

I want to live in the countryside, have a little cottage of my own, and a big warm family that can accompany me to watch every sunrise and sunset in life. What do you want most in your life?

Or you can tell me one of your wildest or weirdest dreams/your bucket list/the craziest thing you've done in your entire life cause i want to get to know you ;)

I'm a big fan of Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen, J.K Rowling, I LOVE Hermione!

I collect vintage things, like typewriter and vintage necklaces.

#NO folded card,ad card, nude and insect &FROG cards

**i really like stamps so if you can send me postcard with special stamps:)
I'd be so happy:D

***Please write date:

****no envelope (: if you must, you can send me with some coins or stamps ,tickets ,teabags or anything you'd like to add, surprise me:D

### wish that i could get a real 'message in a bottle' one day:)

#i always wanted a Polaroid 600. Tell me What do you want?

.NIGHT view of your city:D
.Van Gogh and Da Vinci, Alphonse Mucha 's work
.Historic(a big history fan .eg WW I or II) /World Heritage UNESCO
.Keep Calm collection
.Greetings from series
.Postcard from Fun Explosive, very lovely!
.Bibliophilia : 100 Literary Postcard

if You are from Greece, send me one of these and you make my day :)
. Greek god , goddess or story eg Trojan War-->anything related to Greek mythology.

.Vanity Fair /New Yorker/Vogue cover
.Book cover eg: vintage Penguin book cover (my favorite!)
.Where's Wally?(i got these in collection so far : Mighty Fruit Fight,The Corridor of Time,the Wild Wild West, Museum ,Toys!Toys!Toys!/ The Land of Waldos, When The Stars Come Out,The Nasty Nasties, The Land of Waldos,On the Beach,Ski Slopes,Great Portrait Exhibition)
.Le Petit Prince
.Quotation eg.Jane Austen

.TV :Game of Thrones, Friends!(huge fan!)
.Movie theme eg.Old/Classic movie poster
.Movie :Before Sunset,Before Sunrise,Before Midnight theme
.Titanic-MY #1 movie of all time
.Alfred Hitchcock/ his movies!!!
.Wes Anderson
.Pixar eg Up, Monster Inc... etc
.Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly/Vivien Leigh

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