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About Bookworm...

I was a contented armchair traveler,
until I discovered here,
and now I'm a Postcrosser!

I'm thankful for all the excellent cards and stamps received to date, and must say that a nice message makes receiving a card all the more pleasant :)

I love reading, and I only like reading what I can hold solidly in my hands. Can you find a bookworm who despises studying? Here's one. I like sports too, though I'm master of none. I am now trying to grow some lavender plants. More than seven seeds have germinated, while no less than seven wilted. I do hope they survive the hot, humid climate here!

Any postcards, including nice ad ones, are welcome.
Some ideas? Here they are:
..- ha!
..- maps
..- children
..- martial arts
..- Daruma,福,喜,乐
..- meerkats, giraffes
..- The Sound of Music
..- Inge Löök's Alli and Fifi
..- lavender, lavender fields
..- Atelier Nouvelles collection
..- bustling streets, passing trams
..- UNESCO/National heritage sites
..- unsolved mysteries of the universe
..- history, universities, museums (fossils!)
..- nature, scenery, landmarks, National Parks
..- geography, NatGeo, maps, the Grand Canyon
..- culture, local festivals, religion (esp Buddhism!)
..- happy people, smiling faces, Oompa-Loompas :)
..- books, bookshops, libraries, BabyBlues, HP, LOTR
..- indigenous animals, lions, otters and beavers, an okapi
..- Miyazaki Hayao, Doraemon, ShinChan, Meitantei Conan
..- aerial/panorama views, hot air balloons, vintage air crafts
..- Hobbit!
Oh and yes, one thing's for sure, I like the cards stamped :D
One Postcrossing stamp from the NL or FI, perhaps?
Or one from the Chinese New Year issues? :)
Or even better, United Nations stamps!

Have a good day!
Cheers and BIG GRIN!


20161227 day1974 Tue received 1,000th card
20140518 day1019 Sun MY 50th on most postcards sent *grin* S505 R500
20140511 day1012 Sun Mom's Day Sent 500 Received 500
20131208 +card S415 = 3,557,918 km = 88.8 laps around the world!

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