parmaviolets, United Kingdom

  • Not interested in direct swaps
  • English
  • 15th November

About parmaviolets...

My name is Sarah and I am a school secretary in the south of England. I'm a vegetarian, I have 3 grown up children and I live in a small village with our ginger cat, Fergal. I love going to concerts and music festivals, and reading lots of books.
I would be happy to receive any postcards (not folded cards)and I particularly like:
Archaeology sites and historic buildings
Your town or city
Unusually shaped cards
Vintage cards
I like tattoos, street art, anime, neon signs, and all kinds of art as well.
I also quite like deliberately 'ugly' or badly composed pictures.
I have collected postcards since I was a child and any card that you wish to send me would be lovely. I would prefer cards not to be in envelopes so that the stamps are on the card.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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