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About Marta...

My name is Marta and I'm from Lublin in Poland. I am studying culture management in Kraków, but I'm currently living in Gdynia.
I like to travel and always wanted to get to know a lot of different countries and cultures. I'm interesed in history, legends and myths of foreign countries.
I would love to read about you, your place or just something you want me to know. Or you can just write a short fairy tale or legend popular in your land and I would be delighted.

* landscapes ♥♥♥
* Ukiyo-e, especially the works of Hiroshige, Yoshitoshi, Kunisada and Hokusai
* Chinese and Japanese traditional art
* street art
* people with tattoos
* you can check my favourites:

I don't like:
* postcards with animals (it is one exception to that rule - I love Atlantic Puffins!) and plants
* castles
* I usually don't like multiviews
* postcards connected with feasts (like Christmas cards, birthday cards etc.)

Thank you and have a nice day ;)

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