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About Tiffany...

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I'm Tiffany, i'm 28 years old. I own a small crafting business and i'm an educator.
I live in Weeki Wachee, Florida - my town is known for mermaids!
I am of Mexican, German, Swiss and Irish background.

Had to say goodbye to both of my pomeranians this past year. Sofie and Teddy. I was lucky to have many wonderful years and happy memories with my pets. This is the first time in twenty years I haven't had a pet and the house feels very empty and quiet.

I love all your cards! I honestly hate how pushy people are on here about what cards to not send them. I will never complain about a card and I will never put up a list of cards that I don't want to receive - that's not what this project is about. If you insist that the card not be decorated with stickers and what not, I will decorate it twice as much :p

If I must put what postcards interest me the most
- Food/recipes
- Christmas/Holidays - LOVE THEM! :)
- Feminist and anti-trump messages-
- dogs - they are such a source of happiness for me still
- panda & other cute animals
- Disney
- Maps, facts, landmarks - i'm a history teacher 8)
- Studio Ghibli, Sanrio, anything kawaii
- Comic books/graphic novels
- royal couples
- things my niece might like: Mickey/Minnie Mouse, Bunnies, animals, mermaids, superheroes

but I appreciate ANY card that you choose to send me :) If the card makes you happy, it will make me happy.

Feel free to tell me a little about yourself or your culture. Feel free to write something in your native language if you wish. I'd like if you decorated your card with a sticker or your favorite washi tape if you are a crafter or anything you think would be extra special. I'm an avid reader. Feel Free to recommend books to me.

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