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About Kim...

Hi :D
My name is Jeong Yoon Kim.
I'm from Korea.

Now I'm studying to be a math teacher.
Sometimes I get tired and depressed,
but when I think about meeting my students, I feel much better :D
I really want to pass the exam in this year.

I'm crazy about CAT~♥
In addition I love traveling and math.

It would be nice if you write down something on the card.
Please send me some message of support.
Or one sentence of some words of your own language, some story about your life, story of your country.. and others are also welcome~

And if you really don't know what to write, just draw me a little cat :) kkk

I hope to get some nice card with :

- something or some places representing your country well.
- coffee
- vintage
- flowers
- illustration
- cartoon character
- drawing or painting

These are only suggestions.
I like all kinds of card !

But please do not send me cards with bugs (including butterfly or ladybug)

With Smiles and hugs :)

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