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About Mandy...

*** Please note I have changed my address from today (28/11/13) if you have my old address & wanted to send me mail, please email me first so that I can send you my new address ~ I would be sad if your mail to me was lost ~ Thank you :-) ***

Hello my name is Mandy & I live near Stonehenge (and not too far from Glastonbury & London) … I have recently updated this profile as I am looking for different postcards and I really hope you can help :-)

I am happy with any postcard (including ads and homemade) however if you could send me a card from my list you would make me very happy :-) I also almost always offer to send a thank you postcard so if you would like a return card from me then please either put your address on the card or message me once I register your card.

I would love:

* 3D postcards
* American States
* Map cards
* Old postcards
* Royalty
* Presidents
* Boats
* Rockets
* Post Boxes
* Message in a bottle theme
* Pagan themed (Witch, famous Pagan places etc)

I also collect stamps and would love it if you put an unusual stamp on the postcard.

I hope you can help me with my collection, but as I said any card will make me smile :-)

I look forward to receiving your card and finding out a bit about you … write anything you want, your favourite book or what you did today !!

I always register my cards the day I get them so if you sent yours a while ago, please feel free to message me as it may have gotten lost :-(

Thanks & Blessings x

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