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About Oskar...

Hello there! I'm Oskar. I'm 20, and I live in Norwich, UNESCO City of Literature. I'm a Graphic Design student and I have a great passion for languages - I'm currently studying Polish alongside a few other languages in my free time. If you speak Polish, feel free to write to me in it!

I'm a big fan of video games and would love to receive cards themed around them!

Some of my interests: The Sims, Animal Crossing, Borderlands, The Legend of Zelda, Overwatch, Venom, Wolf 359, Splatoon, Lord of the Rings, Stardew Valley, The National, OK Go, Queen, George Michael, Wham!, Soft Cell, Bronski Beat, Eurovision Song Contest, Elton John, knitting

Other cards that I'd be thrilled to receive include:

- Sanrio
- Famous works of art
- Space
- Robots
- Retro illustrations
- Marine life
- Keroppi
- Gotochi
- 'Greetings from'
- Multiviews of your local area
- Environmental
- Studio Ghibli
- Gay/transgender related
- Video games
- Optical illusions
- Patterns
- Houseplants
- Interior Design
- Pin Ups (girls & boys)
- Odd shaped cards (non rectangular)
- Food and recipes
- *Vintage* advertisements

If you're really stuck, check my favourites wall for inspiration! I try to fill it with postcards that I really really love.

Of course, this isn't a strict list! I could never have enough space to describe all of the things that interest me. Pick out a card from your collection that you think I will like, I love every single card that I receive! Bonus points if you tell me why you picked that specific card!

I love hearing about the people that write to me. Tell me what life is like in your corner of the world, what things you're really passionate about! If you're stuck on what to write, tell me how the weather is where you are, your hobbies, some words in your native language, a nice day you've had recently, what your job is and if you enjoy it, what you've had for breakfast, or your plans for the future!

Stickers and decoration on cards is lots of fun and I love to receive such cards, but if you don't have the time or the materials to do so that's fine too! I know it can be a time consuming task. I treasure my postcards that are simple and written with a ballpoint pen just as much as I do the decorated ones!

I'm always looking for penpals and love to write back to people who have sent me cards. If you'd like to be penpals with me, shoot me a message! I love an excuse to write to people and make friends all over the world.

I'm very interested in direct swaps!

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