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About Magda...

Hi everyone!
My name is Magda I'm 34 years old and I come from Poland. I live in Pszczyna with my husband and our three years old son :)
I'm engineer and work in an architectural studio. I like reading books, going to the gym, baking cakes, listening to music, traveling...

Postcrossing is to me some kind of travelling - a way to find out new places, cultures etc. Sending me a postcard let me learn sth about the place where You live or admire the beauty of nature that is specific to Your country.

I would like to collect postcards from all over the world. I started in my childhood and I decided to continue it now :)

If You would like to make me extra happy, You can send me then:

♥ a postcard from your town/country, map cards, single view as well as multi view cards, famous buildings, views of nature or city view
♥ animals (especially cats but all animals are welcome expect spiders :( ) also illustrated!
♥ illustrated pandas!
♥ cute illustrations
♥ flowers
♥ nice views (I mean doors, windows, stairways, mailboxes, lighthouses etc.)
♥ food postcard (cupcakes, chocolate, coffe, fruits etc.)
♥ I love autumn, colourful leafs, pumpkins etc.
♥ christmas and other holiday cards are welcome as well :)
♥ or birthday card in september too :)
♥ cat yoga postcards
♥ lancy cat
♥ pets rock
♥ gotochi cards
♥ peanuts, garfield, simon's cat, jetoy
♥ Jip en Janneke
♥ Anne Geddes
♥ Anastasia Eremenko, Irina Garmishova, Anna Silivonchik, Alexey Dolotov
♥ Cotton Lion
♥ 3D postcards
♥ Disney (my son is Mickey Mouse fan :))
♥ children's book illustrations :)
♥ woman in illustration
♥ flora and fauna of Belarus, owls of Belarus
♥ maxicards

And You can also pick up something from my favourites. There are only postcards that I wish to receive. But all postcards I get are my favourites too :)

Dear friends from USA, I am a huge fan of postcards with the names or/and the maps of the states, as well as those one with the names of the cities and towns in Your country. I wish I could collect all of them and I really hope You will help me with that :)

I'm not keen on self-made cards, free ad cards. Please respect that and keep those for somebody who likes them. Thank You.

But what is the most important - I love to read your story! Please full the postcard with anything more than Happy Postcrossing :) Many thanks to everyone who sends me a postcard!

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USA (4), China (5), Ukraine (2), Turkey (1), Germany (1), Russia (1), Bulgaria (1), France (1), Australia (1), Netherlands (1), Philippines (1), Belarus (1)
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