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About Carmen...

I love to communicate. Everything from calligraphy, handwriting to languages and old sayings makes me happy. Do you have a word, a phrase or a poem that you particularly like in your language? Write it down and translate it, please!
I also collect those lovely words from other languages that almost seem impossible to put into words in our language. Words for feelings we’ve felt but never been able to name. In my language there's one: "saudade". If you have one, please share!

I have an intense desire to travel and I'm constantly collecting new places to visit. Are you particularly proud of something in your country or there is a place or monument you think everyone should visit there? Please, say it (or better yet show me on your postcard).

I studied Biology. Anything involving science, wild animals, plants, landscapes, forests/woods, the sea, the sky, clouds, stars and constellations, the universe would make me happy as well. Also everything related to iconic scientists/people e.g. Ernst Haeckel, Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, Galileo...

My other interests are:
- Music (classical composers, jazz, electronic music)
- Instruments, piano and different ones e.g. Theremin, shamisen...
- Local culture (Traditional clothes/costumes, Traditional dishes, Typical musical instruments, Local festivities)
- Movies (Sci-fi movies, Black and White movies, European movies, Adventure movies, Animation movies)
- TV Shows (currently Stranger Things, The Expanse)
- Books (classic literature, dystopian science fiction, fantasy novels)
- The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman (or any graphic novel)
- Cartoons/comics/animation/drawings/sketches/children's book illustrations
- ANYTHING Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki
- ANYTHING Satoshi Kon/Mamoru Hosoda/Makoto Shinkai/Madhouse
- Avatar: The Last Airbender/Gravity Falls/Adventure Time/Futurama
- Alice in Wonderland
- History/Archaeology/Ancient civilizations
- Mythology (in particular Egyptian mythology & Greek mythology)
- Turquoise colour
- Vintage Disney
- Tim Burton, Harry Potter & LoTR Movies
- Famous paintings and painters (Dalí, Van Gogh, Magritte...)
- Funny, Silly, Humorous Stuff
- Quotes, Proverbs, Riddles, Jokes
- Skyline or night-view of the city
- UNESCO World Heritage,Buildings,Statues,Castles,Temples,Operas

If it is not written on the card what it shows, please add it on the back of the card along with the date. Thank you!

Feel free to send me the most touristic cards that you have from your city/country! If you happen to have one postcard from my favourites [] please send it. It would mean the world to me! (Thanking you in advance!)

If possible, share with me your favorite song, movies, books that you love. Or something about your day or culture! I like to learn new things every day. :)

I prefer postcards written and stamped (I love stamps so unique and beautiful stamps are perfect!) ♥

Enjoy postcrossing!! :D

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