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About Darja...

hey, i am Darja and i am a teacher for art,english and drama. i live in the north of germany together with my my viking husband, our son Pay (born Halloween 2013). we own a beautiful, traditional house (~200 years old).

there is still a lot of work to be done on our house and garden. we spend a lot of time renovating and building. also, we work in the garden a lot. my plans for this season are besides starting a vegetable garden (planted berries last year) to start making our garden even more animal- (birds, hedgehogs, frogs, insects..) and especially bee & butterfly-friendly. so any advice on what or how to plant to make these little critters happy is very welcome. we also have a lot of apple trees in our garden, so if you have a great recepie for anything special involving apples-please share :)

as for postcards, i prefer not to get tourist viewcards, so please save those for someone who appreciates them more. i especially collect:

❤️parodies (funny/different versions) of famous paintings or royalty. i know that's a very difficult topic and cards are hard to get but this is my favourite collection & any addition would be great!
(here is an example of the kind of cards i mean:

❤️bears in any form of ART(meaning: drawing, painting, sculpture etc., I don't collect photos of bears)

❤️crowns, esp. illustrations of animals (birds, frogs...) wearing them

❤️vladimir arzhevitin

other than that i like, in random order:

***anything dark/magic/horror/fantasy/comic***
~dragons, unicorns, gargoyles
~halloween, pumpkins, zombies, vampires, witches, (sugar) skulls, monsters
~nordic mythology, vikings, runes
~tim burton movies, harry potter, lotr, hobbit, alice in wonderland, the walking dead
~gothic horror, steampunk, rockabilly
~sarcasm/black humour
~bats, owls, ravens, dragonflies

~famous artists from your area, art exhibitions you've been to
~school/teaching related, art supplies

~pirates, mermaids, anchors

~downton abbey
~old b/w pictures of people
~houses with thatched roof (my house got that)

***any card that has/is a...***
~lettering art
~the colours purple, turquoise, black and red
~rainbow colors
~a special shape or square
~maxi card
~postcrossing meeting card
~postcrossing stamps

*any combination of the above ;D*

here's a little challenge for you: please draw a little monster on the card for me. even if you think you can't draw-i know i'll love it :)

i love getting postcards not only for the pictures but also to read about the person who sent it~so a lot of text as well as beautiful stamps, stickers &other decorations are greatly appreciated as well. handmade cards welcome. ad cards welcome if they go with what i like.

looking forward to recieving your postcard.
thanks for reading & happy postcrossing!