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About Marianna...

Hello everyone!

I am a 30 years old Italian lady, living in Cambridge (UK). I am a Research Assistant at the university and my work involves research on the management of type 1 diabetes.

I love collecting bits and bobs (so far I have collected stamps, coins, beach sand and Kinder Surprise figurines) and getting involved in random projects on the internet. The world is a wonderful place, full of interesting people.

I like postcards with rare and interesting pictures. I also collect stamps (please, if you can, send postcards with unusual/beautiful stamps).

Particular subjects I am interested in:
- Sports & Olympics
- Teddy bears (or real bears)
- Movies
- Royalty
- Anime
- UNESCO sites
- Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Insignia
- Black and white
- something unusual

Be inspired, I will love receiving your card!
Ad/free cards of movies are particularly welcomed.
I prefer singleview to multiview, and I like shaped cards.

Please stamp & date your postcards, and write something (in your own language if you want) on the back of the card, if your are stuck for ideas a line from your national anthem or favourite poem or quotation will make me happy.
Everything is welcomed, I guarantee.
Thank you. :)

GB-92580 IceDragon Germany 29-Aug-09
GB-103214 Katirine Moldova 26-Oct-09
GB-103623 Elenkaff Russia 29-Oct-09
GB-113245 HAIYANYIN China 01-Jan-10
GB-149795 suefitz U.S.A. 30-Jun-10
GB-156695 alice313 Hong Kong 29-Jul-10
GB-172233 mira12D75 China 29-Sep-10

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