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Hey snailmailers! 🐌

I'm a booklover, papercollector and fulltime daydreamer from the Netherlands. I work in a cute little books and craftstore near the beautiful st Johns cathedral in 's-Hertogenbosch, which is also known for the lovely Binnedieze canals and the painter Hieronymus Bosch.

From touristic cards please pick one with animals, the local flower card, the closest museum, thatched roofed houses, black and white cards or singleviews shot in the evening, sunsets or rainy days ☔

Cards I love:
- 🎨 Pretty and cute illustrations or paintings
- 🏔 Anything kawaii and Japan related 😍😍😍
- 📖 books, writers, libraries, fairytales and people writing or reading. 🦄
- 👘 girls and women, especially in dresses.
- religious practice, prayer, monks and temples ♡
- 🏞 antiques, vintage, retro, sepia or black and white. You can send me old, yellow cards ♡♡♡
- ☕ people drinking tea or coffee with pastries
- 🏛 museums
- 🐿 forest animals like foxes, bears, deer, hedgehogs and squirrels.
- 🦉 owls, eagles, hummingbirds and all other birds and feathers
- 🐱 cats, the lynx is my favourite!
- 🐑 sheep
- 🐙 seahorse! or octopus!
- animals with blue eyes! (my dog has a blue eye and I love it!)
- 🌌 purple/pink skies, northern lights and landscapes with fog or lightning
- 🕊 pigeons in the city ♡
- weird and wonderfull, dark and melancholic
- Gothic, Victorian, Baroque
- 🎃autumn, pumpkin spice 🥰🥰

You can also send me folded cards.
I love any other interesting/old/cute papers with the card in an envelop ♡

I'd like it if you write me about the last or best museum you've been to and what you liked about it, something you want to remember, something that made you think about life.. your highs and lows, sentences that are important to you, maybe a line from a song, a book or a poem, something personal.

thank you very much!
I look forward to receiving your card!

lots of love,

ps: I love big and special stamps!
💗You can find my puppy on instagram @miko.tanuki 🦝💗

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