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About Nathalina...

I'm a cupcake baking, choir-singing, married Finnish lesbian that lives in London together with my wife and our tortoise called The Hamburger.

I don't really mind what type of card you send me. Something that means something to you or something completely random. Have a quick peek at my favourites if you're stuck.

As you can see I rather like vintage ad cards, pin-up girls, spiral staircases, retro, funny/silly cards or baking related cards. Something that really fascinates me is old Russian (Soviet Union) propaganda posters, so if you can find cards related to that, wow. My education is in graphic design and they're just really graphically and aesthetically pleasing.

I rather not receive 'tourist' view cards. But if that's your thing, I understand.
Don't worry too much about the kind of card you send. Surprise me!

Write me a poem, a recipe, haiku, about your favorite things, about your life, anything really...
Just write something. Postcards with no text makes sad postcards.
Or draw something, a happy elephant, a ninja penguin or perhaps even a sock monkey. :)

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