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About Nagendra...

I am a silk saree dealer from a small town called Udupi, Karnataka in south India. I hate gossip and love to spend time wisely which includes indulging in hobbies. And my hobbies include collecting stamps, coins, currencies, postcards, covers, matchbox labels, water bottle wrappers, beer bottles and sea shells. I also love gardening, reading magazines, music (70's 80's rock, Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Deep Purple, Eagles), watch comedy serials (Friends, Scienfield, Who's line is it anyway), love to watch birds and of course travelling (within India).

Please le t me know what do you consider the Invention of the century. I have received many answers to this question. Some of them include Internet and Mobile (80%), Medicines, TV, Electricity among others. But most wacky one was Mosquito Bat, which I fully agree.

Postcards I would love to receive
1. UNESCO World Heritage (so far received from 775 Sites)
My missing List
2. Museums
3. Bridges
4. Trams, Locomotives
5. Aeroplanes and Airports
6. Owls
7. Tall buildings and Towers
8. National Parks
9. Maps
10. Clock Tower
11. Ferris Wheel
12. Fountains
13. GF Cards. (please visit my blog for missing ones)
14. Unique cards- Wooden, 3D, Extra Long, Shaped
15. Events Like World Cup Football, Asian Games etc..

Please no Cats, Dogs and cartoons.

My blog on Postcards (In 2017 it won the 'top 50 postcard blog' award.)

I also love Picture Postmarks. My collection can be viewed here

My blog on Indian Postmarks

I also collect used stamps. If you have something to spare, brighten my day by sending me some. (My themes include UNESCO, Birds, Europa, Roses, Environmental and Weather related). I am looking for India-Belarus, India-Canada, India-France Joint issue stamps)
If you have airline/ train tickets, boarding passes, Museum tickets, bus tickets, matchbox labels, tea bag sachets, brighten my day by sending me some.

My blog on Birds

I love the song 'Don't Worry Be Happy' by Bobby Mcferrin....lovely stress buster.

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