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About Gillie...

6-17/1/2019 JYVÄSKYLÄ, FINLAND!!
~All suggestions, no demands~

*Prefer no envelope. it gets me excited to think something special is in it… **unless you do add in great surprises! (banknotes please!! ^o^)

Hi! My name is Gil. (OR:陈暮/Ville Lehtinen/김이박/Сяргей/Guillermo/Guillame/Guglielmo)
I love the USPS! I love collecting stamps, banknotes, and postcards! I love learning about people all over the world, political/historical situations, and foreign languages!
I am a Christian and gay. 27.8.2018 started Grad School for GIS!! 5/2016 finished Undergrad in IR and Chinese. I had a Russian Blue cat named Malto, he died January 2018. TT_TT I will be very happy to receive your cards with your handwritten message on the back!
Peace and Love from VA~!

My ancestors came from Ireland, Lithuania & (Futani, Salerno, Campania) Italy, Albania. ♥ So cards from those places are always special to me :D ♥

~PLEASE check my favorite cards to see what I like - some I have, others I wish to have~~
also, check my postcards wall to see which stamps I have from your country! Please try to send me a new one, ok? :D

***I LOVE science stamps!
I really like::
-flags and maps – especially cards shaped to be a map! (BG-28204 , CN-1543265)
-watercolor cityscapes
-homoerotic,gay,pride,sexy,men,underwear,Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert C Rore, Bruno Gmunder etc, black/white photo (Gay Collection: ) Tom of Finland - My collection
-maxi, first day issue cards/stamps
-cards with your language+picture on the front
-UNIQUE/ODD shape, length,size, thickness,material cards(or BOTTLE!) --also for stamps!
-local culture food people dress/costume architecture heads of state/King/Queen
-studying Berlin Wall -Neustatd/Coburg + divided countries/borders
-**hearing your opinion on international events/politics/leaders

RUSSIAN FRIENDS: I LOVE your stamps! Please send me new ones, they're great!! My wishlist:

I enjoy
- Sherlock/SEINFELD!/SIMPSONS! LOTR, Game of Thrones AMELIE!♥
- Cards with blue/white/red stripes around edge
- Science & tech (I was a Chem major), astronomy, engineering, design, geography
- propaganda -RU, CN , Chinese/Soviet Brotherhood
- jetoy and MOOMIN!
- JAPANESE: World Order, Studio Ghibli, NekoAtsume
- KOREAN:수상한그녀,Sejong the Great세종대왕,해를품은달
- cats
- CHINESE:请别贴“贺新喜”那个邮票,已经有好多 我喜欢: 舌尖上的中国,红楼梦, 手绘的图画 写意的, 山水画, 唐代诗歌+书画 (刘禹锡,张若虚,王维),重庆大学的明信片嘻嘻,武侯祠,青花瓷 Ali(阿狸的梦之城堡), 张学友用余生去爱 陈奕迅 信的恋人之省型片(已有湖南,广州-- CN-1543265)


I get VERY excited when I receive a card from a new country.. but of course you cannot control that..

If you send me some paper currency from your country, especially pre-Euro, that would be SOO COOL! I ALSO SWAP!

**Ad, greeting/folded, self-made, vintage, cheap/thin/flimsy cards arent great for me*
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