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nadaozhongguoxin, United States of America


(or Gillie) is a member in United States of America . He has been a member for over 3 years (1,374 days).
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Lat: 38.79, Lon: -77.19 | Google Maps

About Gillie...

~All suggestions, no demands~

*Prefer no envelope. it gets me excited to think something special is in it… **unless you do add in great surprises! (banknotes please!! ^o^)

Hi! My name is Gil.
I love the USPS! I love collecting stamps, banknotes, and postcards! I love learning about people all over the world, political/historical situations, and foreign languages!
I am a Christian, gay and play water polo. I studied Chinese and IR in college, graduated 5/2016! I have a Russian Blue cat named Malto! We will be very happy to receive your cards with your handwritten message on the back, especially if you write in your native language!
Peace and Love from VA~!

My ancestors came from ♥ Ireland, Lithuania & (Futani, Salerno, Campania) Italy. ♥ So cards from those places are always special to me :D ♥

~PLEASE check my favorite cards to see what I like - some I have, others I wish to have~~
also, check my postcards wall to see which stamps I have from your country! Please try to send me a new one, ok? :D

***I LOVE science stamps!
I really like::
-flags and maps – especially cards shaped to be a map! (BG-28204 , CN-1543265)
-watercolor cityscapes
-homoerotic,gay,pride,sexy,men,underwear,Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert C Rore, Bruno Gmunder etc, black/white photo (Gay Collection: ) Tom of Finland - My collection
-maxi, first day issue cards/stamps
-cards with your language+picture on the front
-UNIQUE/ODD shape, length,size, thickness,material cards(or BOTTLE!) --also for stamps!
-local culture, food, people, dress/costume, architecture, *heads of state/King/Queen*,
-studying Berlin Wall -Neustatd/Coburg + divided countries/borders
-**hearing your opinion on international events/politics/leaders

UK Friends: I am missing 2 pence coin to form the shield.

RUSSIAN FRIENDS: I LOVE your stamps! Please send me new ones, they're great!! My wishlist:

I enjoy
- Sherlock/SEINFELD!/SIMPSONS! LOTR, Game of Thrones AMELIE!♥
- Cards with blue/white/red stripes around edge
- Science & tech (I was a Chem major), astronomy, engineering, design, geography
- propaganda -RU, CN , Chinese/Soviet Brotherhood
- jetoy and MOOMIN!
- JAPANESE: World Order, Studio Ghibli, NekoAtsume
- KOREAN:수상한그녀,Sejong the Great세종대왕,해를품은달
- cats
- CHINESE:请别贴“贺新喜”那个邮票,已经有好多 我喜欢: 舌尖上的中国,红楼梦, 手绘的图画 写意的, 山水画, 唐代诗歌+书画 (刘禹锡,张若虚,王维),重庆大学的明信片嘻嘻,武侯祠,青花瓷 Ali(阿狸的梦之城堡), 张学友用余生去爱 陈奕迅 信的恋人之省型片(已有湖南,广州-- CN-1543265)


I get VERY excited when I receive a card from a new country.. but of course you cannot control that..

If you send me some paper currency from your country, especially pre-Euro, that would be SOO COOL! I ALSO SWAP!

**Ad, greeting/folded, self-made, vintage, cheap/thin/flimsy cards arent great for me*

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