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Hello, my fellow postcrossers!

The other day, I went to see a local festival in Ichinomiya City next to my hometown, Konan City. As long as I remember, I had never seen the festival. But, my grandmother may have taken me there when I was a child. The below is its footage. It is not mine. But, I was there to see it.

They put 365 lanterns on the float and those lanterns turn around just like "hand mill" in the last. The festival's name "usu dai" comes from hand mill. While lanterns were mounted and the float was paraded, live music was performed. It was fantastic.

Other than postcrossing, I enjoy long walking in an old town or main route like Nakasendo near my place. I don't have particular tastes for postcards. Every card you send me is a treasure to me. I thank you for your time and passion you put into postcrossing!

Happy Postcrossing!

I enjoy various stamps around the world. I will upload some of them on instagram. If you like, please visit at