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About Martina...

Hello, dear Postcrossing-friends, I'm Martina, a german artist. Mutter Maura = Mother Maura is my artist's name. I'm living with my husband in Bavaria, the most beautiful part of Germany. Mostly green hills and blue mountains, hard winters and short, hot summers.

Mostly I'm drawing cartoons. With funny dragons, or with cat and mouse. Feel free to meet me on my website or on instagram, muttermaura. Or have a look at my sent--postcards-wall: I only use cards frome my own atelier.

I love being in the nature: Gardening, sketching, swimming, biking or hiking with my dog Tobi. I like music, playing ukulele and singing in an irish folk band. I love knitting and sewing for my dolls and making sweet photos of them. In winter I sculpt tiny colourful dragons and unicorns for the christmas fair.

Postcards are the love of my life! In my house stands a large display of postcards, all created by me. It's like a little exhibition of my work. I really love reading the profile of a postcrosser and then go and deliberate: Which motive would he or she like? What kind of picture would suit him or her? And then I choose one and am looking for the moment it will arrive.

In past times I sent every day a postcard to one of my friends or relations. I used to send cards to ill people I heard from. This custom I did learn from a teacher in my childhood: Sending a nice, colourful card every day to someone unhappy. She called this "sending a lifeline", and I used to do so for 30 years.

But in the last years postcards seemed to be forgotten. No one sent one, no one answered one, the shops were empty. I was used to buy lovely postcards, but there weren't any I would like. So I started to make my own. And now I've found postcrossing - I'm so happy! Meeting people appreciating postcards like me - yeah! I love you all.

What would you like to send me? Every postcard is welcome and appreciated.

I would enjoy cards of animals, trees, flowers or landscapes. I like dolls and cartoons. Or send me some sightseeing of your city or country. I love handmade or self-painted cards, too.

Tell me something of your life! What do you like, what are you doing today, what do you wish for the future? I'm looking forward getting to know you. Or write me a little poem in your language, with translation - I love poems.

Enjoy life, it's unique! I wish you a wonderful time.

I found this on another postcrossers profile and I think it is such a great idea, so I copied it into my profile.

**Please send a card to those children**
When you are going to send a card to me, look at this site and also send a card to one of the sick children to brighten their day.
I also hope you can copy this website on your profile to let more people know this! Thank you so much for doing this.

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