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About Paula...


I'm Paula and I have 2 teenage sons. They are both autistic so I haven't been able to work for several years. Previously I worked in accounting, then did a computing degree. I am well travelled as I used to work for travel wholesalers/tour operators. I think I had been to 30 countries by the time I was 30 years old. I haven't been able to travel much for years, though this has started to change as my younger son is now happier to travel with me, but for now refuses the Covid jab.

Though English, I lived in Adelaide for 2 years as a child, followed by 24 years in Auckland. (I miss the old place!) I have been back in England since 1995.

My interests are researching family history, entering competitions, geocaching and stamp collecting.

My favourite postcards and stamps are those with nice scenery, touristy places, or pretty towns and villages. What do people come to your town to see?

I'm often looking through the gallery, selecting cards to add to my wishlist as favourites. Here are some other ideas:

* UNESCO (Collection )
* national flag cards (whole flag on front, nothing else except maybe country name - Collection: )
* map cards (colourful, whole country, with at least some place names on - Collection: )
* mountains
* lakes
* waterfalls
* coasts
* tourist features of your town/village
* castles
* palaces
* other old buildings
* buildings with interesting styles
* bridges
* desert scenes
* hot air balloons (Collection:
* city night views
* Lord of the Rings/Hobbit (Collection: )
* Bee Gees
* Coca Cola (Collection: )

Hopefully that'll give you loads of ideas. For landscapes, please tell me the location if it doesn't say on the card or is in Chinese/Japanese.

Things I don't really like:
* ad cards (unless Coke/balloons)
* art/drawing/painting/illustration cards
* hand made cards (sadly they don't make it through the stamp removal process) and I'm not all that keen on washi tape etc
* flowery, feminine, girly cards
* spiders, snakes, crocodiles/alligators (YUK!)
* cards that are old and brown or from decades ago
* photographs being mailed as postcards


If possible, please also avoid using self-adhesive stamps, as they often don't survive the removal process either. Those which you have to lick are much better. Thank you.

Either single or multi-view (up to 9 pics) is fine.

To put in an envelope or not:
I prefer in an envelope but only if it isn't going to cost you more. If you do use an envelope, either writing on the card or on paper is fine.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading to the bottom.

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