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About Karolina...

Due to very high cost of Polish Post services, many polish postcrossers use service of German Post. Because this service is provided to us by a third party, and all mail is sent in bulk, sometimes there is an imprint on the card instead of a traditional stamp.
I apologize if you find this form unacceptable, however please know that I take a great care in picking a right card for you and hope to make you happy with it.

Please, write date and place on the card. I love fully written ones. This side of card is far more important to me than a picture. The most dissapointing moment is when I receive beautiful postcard with text: "Hello, I hope you like it, happy postcrossing". Please, be more creative :)
If you are german speaker, write in it, I need some training.

WARNING: I love cards "Greetings from..." by Postallove, but only original ones, available on - please, don't bother to send me a fake. Let's respect Copyright. Thank you.

You can choose a card related to:
- Books - I love many genres, and you?
- Music - my favourite bands are MUSE, The Cranberries, U2, Placebo, Hunter, Wilki; Single artists - Alanis Morissette, Susanne Sundfør, Robert Gawliński, Sting, Jelonek, Chris Botti...
- sport - I'm a fan of Netherlands' national football team; I also love watching figure skating :); I received 7 cards from Sochi series - here: (I hope to collect all)
- Animals - I live with 2 chinchillas; I love wolfs, seals, bats, owls hedgehogs and squirrels
- Ballet - very worthy activity
- Food and drinks, especially coffee
- Something for the child inside me - Sailor Moon (Heroines of my childchood in sweet 90's) and Harry Potter (never too old...)
- Autumn - this is my favourite season. Definitely.
- My favourite series: "Doctor Who", "Grey's anatomy", "Broadchurch", "Once upon a time", "Lie to me"

*I am not fond of Hello Kitty

If you check my favs, you know that I appreciate many kinds of postcards. Birthday/Christmas/Easter/Local Holiday cards are welcome. You can send me any anime/manga card you have, but please tell me the story of it. Nice single view from your neighbourhood is always good idea.
If you have time, don't forget to look at my received collection :) you will find it on my website.

Don't be sad if I don't mark your card as "favourite", I don't do this with cards I receive. I add to this section cards I haven't received yet, so if you see there a card you have or it is possible for you to buy one of them, you'll make me extremally happy by sending it to me:) Don't forget to write that it is from favs., so I can remove it from this section.

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