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mlbatt, United States of America


(or MaryLou_&_Greg) are a group of people in United States of America . They have been members for over 9 years (3,349 days).
9,435 sent 9,409 received

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Lat: 32.72, Lon: -117.16 | Google Maps

About MaryLou_&_Greg...

Hi! We're Mary Lou & Greg, a newly retired couple in our early 60s. We have been married since 2006. We were lucky to meet each other later in life and are having a blast together!

We live in "America's Finest City" - San Diego, California. To see why this is the city nickname, watch this amazing time-lapse video postcard: You might also enjoy this video of sunrise scenes around San Diego filmed via GoPro and using a drone

After several years in Postcrossing, we thought we'd try something different: we've seen others that request a card on a specific theme every month and we thought that would be fun.

Here's our list for 2017:

January: something funny
February: love
March: money
April: peace
May: naughty
June: hands
July: technology
August: movies/films
September: red
October: something that scares you
November: (early in month) birthday/(later in month) see December
December: Christmas/New Years

Please don't worry about this. If you have the perfect card but it's the wrong month, send it anyway - we are not strict! But please avoid sending multiview tourist cards or Western-religion/bible related subjects.

If you have a card with an artist's rendition of your favorite city in the world (not a photo), we would love to receive it (something like this: - and tell us why you think we should visit!

We enjoy B/W photography and funny cards too. Take a look at our favorites, that will help - these are cards we would love to add to our collection.

Do not try to scroll through our received cards to see if we already have the card you choose for us, send it anyway, it's OK, we don't mind duplicates.

We love stamps.

No envelopes please - but if you must, make it fun with mail art or fold a magazine page (with a fun photo, recipe or advertisement) and let that become the envelope. Be creative!

***Please send postcards (ansichtkaart) only. Would prefer NOT to receive any handmade (unless you are an artist), self-printed cards, cut-out pictures glued on card backs, folded greeting cards, or Touchnote cards. We humbly thank you for your consideration.***

We register our cards right away ~ we don't register cards we haven't received. Please don't ask us to do that.

We're looking forward to hearing from wonderful people from all over the world ~ and making new friends! ~ If you will be in the San Diego area anytime, please feel free to contact us - we'd love to meet you and show you our town... and maybe to get local postcrossers to meet as well :-)

p.s. The photo is our wonderful but spoiled cat, Annie