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About Olena...

****Natalina ,who from Bandung , thank you for your postcard , but your card no. is wrong
if you read it , please contact me, thank you~~^U^*******

My name is Olena.
I live in Hong Kong.
I love reading,music, painting,travel ,DIY and photographing...


If you don't mind...

you can share your dream, what you want to be or wanted to be.
Of course some of your good memory, great experience,a surprised thing and happiness .
We have different culture,language,home and place.
I want to know more about people from other countries. So, I look forward to your postcard!
I'm interested in the story of your lifetime.

I love the feeling of handwritten,can you write a few words in your native language and their English translation. One card from you,let me imagine more about the world .

please put the date on your card, so I can see when the card was written^U^

If you can paste nice stamps on the card, I would be very happy!
Any kind of cards are welcome!hand made,with an envelope welcome too.If you send a card in an envelope I would be glad if you put something of your country in it(e.g. newspaper /booklet...) .

If your postcard is expired, please!! tell me and I will register as soon as I can.


can't wait to see your card or letter in my mailbox.

♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪•♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪•♫˚♪•♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪•

I will try my best to send a card which one is your favorite.
If not, it must I do not have such a card. I'm sorry for that.

♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪•♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪•♫˚♪•♫˚♪• ♫˚♪• ♫˚♪•

have a nice day >3<
•·♥τнänκ чöü♥·•(๑ºั╰╯ºั๑)๛♡
Best wishes,

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