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※ To Tamara from Netherlands, you forgot to write your postcard ID.
※ I got a postcard with no name, no ID From Belarus sent on 27(?).02.17.\
※ Card from Asja in Berlin, you forgot to write your postcard ID.
plz message me, then i can register it!

Hello! I am Seulki. I live in a small city with my family.
My dream is travel all over the world. It's nice to travel through postcards!
I've been to China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Poland, Czech, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary.
If you tell me your favorite food, music, tourist sights from your country, I will be glad.:)

I am not good at English but love to study it. of course, studying other languages is interesting to me. Recently i am studying Chinese by myself. I fell in watching Chinese/Taiwanese drama/ movie and listening their music.

I have many hobbies so I spend most time in my room or cafe. I write letters, postcards, collect stickers, postcards, stamps, CDs, watch dramas from other countries, anime, study other language, drawing portraits, cartoon, listen to music like rock, metal, visual kei and kpop, go to live concerts and take pics. My new hobbies are Taekwondo The Korean martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

My favorite musicians are so much. I chose some: Scorpions(Germany), HIM(Finland), Christophe Maé, El canto del loco. For many years i am a fan of Finnish music. Especially Finnish rock/metal music.
My favorite series are Harry potter, The lord of the rings, Game of thrones, Sherlock, Supernatural, etc. If you send me those postcards, you make my day!

I am interested in many other cultures and I prefer view cards.
But Choose any postcard for me!
Here are some example when you have no idea;)
★ city view/ night view
★ Nature
★ Sunrise/ Sunset
★ Rain♥
★ Blue color
★ Sea
★ Disney
★ Moomin
★ Penguins, Cats
★ Sherlock
★ Supernatural (TV series)
★ Movie/ musician/ celebrities
★ Marvel/DC
★ SF/ Fantasy
★ Northern lights
★ Traditional/ Gothic
★ Christmas/birthday card
★ black and white
★ coffee/ sweet things

Please write the date.
If you don't know what to write, You can write me simple sentence in your language with translation, your favorite quotes, or your life style, or your dream, also you can draw:D oh and you can tell me how was your day!

kakaotalk users who can talk, share some pictures and videos, language exchange also i am glad!

P.S. I have some BTS postcards. if you want swap, just message me.:)

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