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  • Website: http://minkero.kuvat.fi/kuvat/
  • Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish
  • Birthday: 3rd January
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  • 49th on most postcards sent from Finland
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About Minna...

This is Minna from Leppävirta, Finland. I am middle-aged, but my sons (born 2004 and 2008) keep me young. I enjoy being outdoors, picking mushrooms and berries, cross-country skiing, hiking and walking in nature, but I am not a sportswoman ;-) I have also many indoor hobbies like watching movies, reading and, of course, postcrossing :) In general, I am a huge friend of science fiction movies and novels.

If you a person who likes to fulfill card wishes, the following topics are what I collect:

-Square-shaped cards
- Star Trek (or any other scifi series)
- Cinema, movie posters, movie stars, movie scenes
- reprints of old (1960's and older) advertisements, old posters, old magazine covers, vintage-style botanical illustrations...
- famous tv, movie characters and comic book characters (please write a little bit about the characters!)
-cats (I prefer art, illustrations, b&w photos)
-all kind of children's book illustrations
-Alfred Meinzer, Racey Helps, Louis Wain, Margaret Tarrant - and all similar older illustrators
-Susan Wheeler, Marjolein Bastin
-Navitrolla, Edward Hopper, Martin Wiscombe, Carl Barks
-old cars (from 1980's and older)
-space, universe, galaxies, science fiction
-details of nature; "scientific" or herbarium-style plant cards, macroscopic and microscopic close views of insects etc.
-Publishers Nouvelles images, Atelier Nouvelles Images, Cavallini papers & co, Inkognito, Aquarupella, Art Unlimited, Edition Gollong
-bird house, nest box
-b&w photos of people and/or animals
-my Postcrossing favorites or alike
-pugs (to my son, address the card to Jalmari)

Too difficult? I also like
-animals, beautiful single-view nature landscapes, vehicles, food, drink - typical of your country

I enjoy reading whatever you write on the card. If you don't know what to write, book and movie recommendations are always welcome. Nice stamps make me very happy :) I want my cards written! I like all kinds of decorations, however, I have one humble wish: please do not hide the name of the photographer or illustrator. Can you be so kind that you translate the name of the illustrator to Latin alphabets (if not already printed)?

Please no free cards (although movie ads are fine). I am not a fan of colorful city views, buildings and statues, but I won't complain if these are the only cards you have. Aforisms and quotes on the front side of the card are neither my favorites. Let the picture speak :)

I have collected some of my Postcrossing cards by themes here:

I would like to SWAP cards from following aritsts/series: Tatiana Rodionova, Wachifield, Alfred Meinzer, Racey Helps, Molly Brett.
My swap album:

Finnish favorites: Terese Bast, Kaarina Toivanen, Raija Nokkala, Virpi Pekkala, Julia Vuori, Mauri Kunnas, Angry birds, Martta Wendelin, Polkka Jam, Kehvola, Torpan tarinat... My hometown Leppävirta (used ones ok).