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About Joyce...

Hello - my name is Joyce and I live in Washington state. I am a would be artist and mother of two marvelously independent and witty children 22 and 26.

First off I enjoy all postcards sent with consideration and care. Nice/rare stamps on an envelope are appreciated along with coins, stickers, keys, tea and such.
I prefer unwritten or written in an envelope this is also so I can collect the stamps. ONLY send in envelope if it is not too much trouble. BUT I'm never disappointed in stamped and written cards as I do I collect both.

Have a card you'd be hesitant to send to someone else (because of content not poor condition) send it to me :)I love the odd/erotic/strange/irregular/abnormal/scary/gory cards. The ones that make you really wonder or freak you out a bit. Its pretty hard to offend me but please no vulgar porn.
Overall I particularly like
-Historical cards about where you live - maybe you can write something about it on the card. Your country’s churches, castles and artists or famous actors are my favorite. Cultural facts are great too.
-IWhole country or state/region maps
-Animals -- (photos please not drawings)--like spiders- bats - lizards - snakes - tortoises - octopus - jellyfish - badgers - Boston or Scottish Terriers - wombat - Tasmanian Devils (please no Looney Toons)- mongoose - armadillo - hyena - skunk - anteater - beetles - crow/raven - insects, any rare animal especially if its unique to your country.
-Gothic/creepy/weird/dark art - vampires-supernatural -ghosts so on- monsters, zombies, werewolves etc. Skulls/skeletons etc.
-Fantasy art -dragons, mermaids, wizards and so on. I love trolls and gnomes!
-Some art YOU really find touches your imagination (tell me why)
-Girls in corsets
-Vikings – pictures and stories
-Lady Gaga - Madonna - Siouxsie - True Blood - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Game of Thrones - Angel - Supernatural - ANYTHING (marvel) my favorite marvel characters are Loki, Thor and Black Widow..
-Also i love myths - what old stories does your country have to tell?

-Handmade - anything done with love and joy is welcome! I enjoy seeing creative works of art made by you. Please bust out your art supplies and get to making a card of whatever strikes you!!!

ALL cards, will be loved. The above are just suggestions. Please send your card with good vibes and happiness. A card that you truly want to share (on my list or not). Thank you all very much!

Don't know what to say? Here's some questions. Pick one or more and let me know your answer.
-Do you like or dislike your name? Why?
-Do you cry at movies? If so, which movies make you cry the most.
-List 5 words other people would NOT use to describe you.
-Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?
-What are your three favorite smells?

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