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About Mia...

Hello everyone

My name is Mia Hsu ( 許 曉 婷 <-Chinese Name).
My English is not good.
Please block letters write of English or Chinese.
I'd be very grateful.

I come from best countries from Asia - Taiwan.
My country has beautiful scenery and super delicious cuisine,also group of people has warm hospitality.Taiwan is a country with warm hospitality.Welcome to Taiwan to explore yo ^ ^


I like most of the countries postcard species most representative attractions, scenery.

【 Example】
♪ Mediterranean Style
♪ Taipei 101
♪ Tokyo skytree
♪ Tokyo Tower
♪ South Korea Seoul Tower
♪ Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel)
♪ Beautiful castles
♪ Churches
♪ Lighthouse

♪ Osaka-jo 大坂城・大阪城(おおさかじょう)
♪ Fushimi-jo 伏見城(ふしみじょう)
♪ Hikone castle 彦根城(ひこねじょう)
♪ Himeji-jo 姫路城(ひめじじょう)
♪ Kochi-jo 高知城(こうちじょう、Kōchi Castle, Kōchi-jo)
♪ Nagoya-jo 名古屋城(なごやじょう)
♪ Matsumoto-jo 松本城(まつもとじょう)
♪ Wakayama-jo 和歌山城(わかやまじょう)
♪ Matsuyama-jo 松山城(まつやまじょう)
♪ Kumamoto-jo 熊本城(くまもとじょう)
♪ Matsue-jo 松江城(まつえじょう)
♪ 日本のお城
(I love castles of Japan^^)

♪ 平安神宮(へいあんじんぐう)
♪ 伊勢神宮(いせじんぐう)
♪ 明治神宮(めいじじんぐう)
♪ 香取神宮(かとりじんぐう)
♪ 日光東照宮(にっこうとうしょうぐう)
♪ 御守(お守り)

My favorite cartoon:
♪ 龍貓 となりのトトロ(Totoro)
♪ 大龍貓 トトロ
♪ 小龍貓 チビトト
♪ 煤炭球 ススワタリ
♪ 糊塗塌客(伍德斯托克)ウッドストックが(Woodstock)
♪ 史努比 スヌーピー(Snoopy)

吉祥物 ゆるキャラ
♪ 千葉-千葉君CHIBA KUN チーバくん
♪ JR東日本 Suicaのペンギン(坂崎千春さかざき ちはる)
♪ 滋賀-彥根貓HIKONYAN ひこにゃん
♪ 愛媛-BALI SAN バリィさん

♪ 加藤 真治 Shinzi Katoh:赤ずきん、不思議の国のアリス http://www.shinzikatoh.com/smarts/index/1/

and the like.

【 Don't like postcards】
★advertisings(free/ad cards)
★animals in zoos
★food(cuisine、Fruits and vegetables)
★handmade cards

☆I can’t read a cursive letter,please fill the form in Chinese or English (write block letters).Please write the date on the postcard.
Thank you:) and I’m sorry for my bad English.

I also like the tourist attractions of the stamps(seal)
scenery stamps(seal),attractions stamps(seal),etc. ...
If you can affix a seal at the postcard for beautiful the cachet.
I would be very happy.

•.•*´¨`*••♥••*´¨`*•.•For Japanese's friends•.•*´¨`*••♥••*´¨`*•.•

I collecting Gotouchi cards&Posting box cards of Japan's Post(当地郵便局限定)(ご当地フォルムカード & ポスト型はがき)If you can,please send or exchange it.

【 Example】
ご当地フォルムカード series & ポスト型はがき series

You can see my Favourites^^I'd be very grateful.

And I like 風景印(ふうけいいん)

I understand Gotochi cards are expensive to send,
if you willing send,I will so happy and reciprocate with cards of equally high value.

I'm looking forward to receiving your postcards!Thank you!

My instagram ID:m_i_a_hsu
If you want,you can follow and talk to me.

======= No ID's Postcards ======= 
From Germany(09.Dec.2014)
I received your card ,but it is no ID.
I can't register it.Please tell me Postcard ID.

Greetings from Taiwan

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