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Tagline: I'm a 33 year old, part-time student, full-time employed IT engineer at a TV station, married, mother of two that lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA…home of "The Office" TV show, Pierogies, Summer Bazaars, Potholes, Joe Snedeker and the "heyna or no?" You can learn more about me by reading my blog.

I like all kinds of postcards. I'm not picky. I basically love to receive any mail that isn't a bill or junk mail. My daughter and son enjoy looking at the postcards and reading them when they arrive. I plan to make a large bulletin board in my basement with all of the postcards you send me.

I also have wry sense of humor, if you couldn't already tell :)

I like to photograph sunrises, and like postcards when the sky looks at sunrise or sunset for example. I have a gallery of pictures I took over various mornings at my house -

I am interested in receiving postcards from the Ukraine or Poland because both of my grandfathers were from there and came over through Ellis Island in the early 1800s. I would encourage any direct swaps with Ukraine or more specifically the city of Lviv or from Poland from the village of Sanok!

Also, after doing this for 6+ months, I can say that my favorite types of postcards are black & white, ducks, flowers (tiger lilies are my favorite), quotes (I like the 1950s style housewives or someecards style), building architectures, nature and cartoons, but I'll gladly accept whatever you send to me! Check out my favorites for hints!

As cheesy as this sounds, if you are from the USA - can you please send me a postcard from your state? I think I want to try and get postcards from all 50 states.

So far I have USA Postcards from:

-Indiana (2)
-New Jersey (3)
-Oregon (2)
-South Dakota

Expired stuff:

US-2444780 / Kawamura / Japan
US-2424423 / Riutsi / Finland
US-2388592 / Cupcakelovesyou / United Kingdom
US-2303968 / Artefaque / Australia
US-2295167 / mindytar / Finland
US-2239592 / pattysandwich / Germany
US-2197323 / Fluffytail / Lithuania
US-2110191 / Kwagi_crossing / France
US-2087186 / lisalu_eulalie2 / U.S.A.

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