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About Martha...

Hello Postcrosser!

*** Received a postcard from Russia without ID, name or text. Poststamp: 03-10-16 Card shows The Tsiolkovsky Memorial House Museum Please send my the ID so I can register this card ***

My name is Martha, I live in Holland and my hobbies are genealogy, photography and collecting (used)stamps. And of course I enjoy to send postcards :)

I really like to receive postcards from all over the world, especially with nice stamps. (On envelope or card; both okay)
If you could find a card about the following themes would really be wonderful:
* streets with objects (fences, benches, streetlights (old ones), gates (especially cast iron), fire hydrants or mailboxes
* old pictures/old letters
* shoemakers (some of my ancestors where shoemakers)
* stamps (or cards/letters with stamps)
* calligraphy/fountain pen
* flowers (close up)
I also like postcards of fascinating persons or charming characters, like Anne Frank, Michael Jackson, Sherlock Holmes, Anne of Green Gables and Wallace & Grommit.
But if you don't have a card like that, I'll be just as happy with a (tourist)card showing your country or the place you live in. Also really like PostalLove cards: Greetings from ... (your country).
(Please don't send me Christmas cards.)
You can look at my wall for my favorite postcards I would like to receive. This is why I will not add received postcards to my favorites, but I will let you know when I register your postcard in the enclosed message.

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to find a suitable card, so I try to send cards from the wishlist (looking at the profile and favorite cards), so I hope you will do the same for me. It is such a joy when someone is so glad with a special postcard!

Some inspiration for the backside: please tell me about the postcard; what you do with the received postcards, after they are registered or the weather in your country.

Make my mailbox happy!
Have fun with Postcrossing!

Expired postcard :(
NL-1060481 USA 22-02-2012 Nina Jiang/Liu_
NL-1174990 Russia 20-04-2012 Daria Chapchikova/dashka777
NL-1440004 Macao 17-09-2012 Perlie
NL-1568244 Tunisia 26-11-2012 yassmin
NL-1632336 Japan 04-01-2013 naokohiguchi
NL-1802426 Taiwan 06-04-2013 maryapple227
NL-1862530 USA 12-05-2013 clockworkkey
NL-1995235 Poland 04-08-2013 joanna_kalka
NL-1997452 China 05-08-2013 ludian
NL-2046568 USA 04-09-2013 grizzly1951
NL-2189112 China 17-11-2013 Color-film
NL-2442103 China 10-04-2014 Dearmao
NL-2864020 Russia 01-02-2015 skandalive
NL-2872518 UK 06-02-2015 fenifur
NL-3001384 Russia 13-05-2015 Amiel_rift
NL-3005059 Russia 16-05-2015 Ekaterina_Viktorovna
NL-3040519 Germany 14-06-2015 angelikapa
NL-3077048 Russia 16-07-2015 laposataya

So far I received cards from 45 out of the 210 participating countries.
Will your homeland be the next country on my list?

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