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About mevo...

Hello all!
I would like to getting unwritten (blank) in an envelope
postcards, because I collect stamps too. Thank you.

All received postcards are registered on the day of their arrival. If you sent me card and it hasn't been registered it means that it hasn't reached me yet.

IMPORTANT - II'd like to receive cards from your country only (no cards from a country X with an ID from a country Y).

!! I collect postcards in a special folder, so if you do not mind, the best size I like is A6 paper size(14.5x10.5) or Width 15.00 x Height 10.50 cm. I prefer postcards in the horizontal orientation (Position: Landscape) and places the inscription on the front, without postal circulation from around the world - unwritten (blank) in an envelope.

I prefer UNWRITTEN cards in envelope if you can, please.

You can always check my favorites on postcard walls to see what type of postcards I like the most ^_^

I receive too many double postcards, consequently You can always check my received on postcard walls,

You can not decide which card to choose for me, yet ...
... maybe it help You to choose the card for me,
I collect postcard with :

- single view postcard,
- showing your city, town, village,
- trains, Steam locomotive, locomotive, road train, railway stations, and metro-maps,
- NEUSCHWANSTEIN Castle (Schloss Neuschwanstein),
- Empress Elisabeth [Elisabeth of Bavaria] (Sissi),
- strawberries,
- "Magic Knight Rayearth" CLAMP or "Sailor Moon" or "Adventures of the Gummi Bears",
- WWF postcards,
- raceway or stadiums,
- witch, hexe, czarownice
- Giant Panda,
- Tiger, White Tiger,
- CASTLE I love (single-view)
- Mont Saint-Michel (Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel),
- Hotel del Coronado in San Diego,
- blue or black rose,
- Glaucus atlanticus !
- with volcanoes.

If you are sending from the US, I would want MAP CARDS of your state. HELP me collect 50 STATE MAP CARDS from the US.

NO - PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME POSTCARDS: other cartoons, art, animals, handmade, self-made, no photos on paper for photos, Christmas or Easter cards, birthday, anniversary/aniversary cards, undefined places, FLOWERS, black-and-white,ad, funny.


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