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About Kyra...

Hi everyone,

My name is Kyra and I'm 26 years old. I live in a small, touristy town in the Netherlands. I absolutely love animals. I live with my black cat, his name is Scream (not like the film, he can just scream pretty loud) and he's the sweetest. We also have two storks in the neighbourhood, just walking around in front of our house. Besides animals I also love nature (i live near the beach so i love taking a walk every now and then), reading and watching loads of tv shows. I'm especially fan of dctvseries. I also absolutely love Dan and Phil, but that's another thing. (but if you have a card with them i would be the happiest person)

If you speak German you can maybe write me a few words in German if you like, and translate it in English? I love learning the language!

Here are some things i'd love to receive. (in no specific order)

♥anything autumn related
♥ Christmascards, birthdaycards (january) and eastercards when it's time for that.
♥ Viewcards or other beautiful things from your country/city
♥ I love Dutch artists like Fiep Westendorp, Francien van Westering, Dick Bruna and basically any other childbook illustrator
♥ Illustrations by Beatrix Potter
♥ Animals that live in your country
♥ Disney (Pixar),
♥ Monkeys, sheep, lemurs, wild birds, puffins, meerkats and wild cats
♥ Any other animal. (I prefer animals in their natural enviroment)
♥ Illustrated cats or animals in general
♥ other "childish" things like moomin, snoopy, pokemon (and other anime) just name it and i will probably love it
♥lgbtq+ related
♥unicorns and rainbows
♥coffee and anything coffee related

conclusion: i love animals and illustrations and i love to get to see a bit of the world through postcards.

I don't necessarily use my favourites as a wishlist, but they are there to give you an idea of what kind of postcards i really like.
I don't favourite cards i receive cause i feel bad if i only put a few received ones there. I do appreciate every card i receive.

But I'm happy with every card you send me. I understand not every brand or postcard is available in your country, this list is only to give you some ideas. You can also send me a card you really like yourself and tell me about it. I like getting to know new things. I prefer my cards written and stamped. empty cards are so.. empty.

I would also really appreciate it if you put the date on the card.

Well, I guess that's more than enough for you to read so have a nice day and I hope you'll get a lot of nice postcards!

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