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About Marta...

Hi there!:)

TALI from a San Francisco: I've got a beautiful card of Portland from you with lot of wonderful stamps, but I can't register it because there is not a postcard ID on it:( Please, write to me:)

I'm very happy to see ANY card. Please, do bother yourself with what's written below only if you really don't know what to send me. I don't want people to read my profile as "demands". By sending me a card that you've chosen, I can "know" you and that makes me smile. I don't mind if it's in envelope (actually I love folded cards) or not, big, small, shaped or standard size. Handmade or not. Old or new one. Ad cards are ok too. I wolud be honored to get birthday card in December. When it's time Christmas, Easter, Valentines or other cards are also very, VERY welcome. The more special, the more I will love it!:)
Also, I would be extremely flattered to get an invitation - marriage, birthday or any other occasion (even if it was years ago). I collect them - don't worry I'm not going to show up:)

NOTE: I'm not collecting stamps. Of course it's always nice to get beautiful stamp on a postcard and they are highly welcomed, but the special ones you can save for someone other - just in case if your are wondering:)
NOTE: Please, if it's possible scan the card you are sending to me, beacuse I'm not able to do it. I always do the photo, but it's not the same quality as scan.
And of course, feel obliged to delate my photo of the card, if you can do it better, I will not be offended:)

My name is Marta. I love meeting new people, new cultures, learn about their countries. I love other nations the same as I love Poland.
So I would be very happy with viewcards showing your country! Viewcards with cities, villages, or anything like this! Postcards showing interesting, characteristic places or even monuments. Characteristic things/food/symbols of your country/city. Sights, attractions. National holidays, clothe.... Flags and maps of country, city or state, etc. I would like to have the whole collection of country flags, but right now I don't have any, maybe one day:)
And folk! I love folk - these colors, shapes, just everything about it:)
Recently, I saw ,,greetings card"... if you have it and wondering if I would like it, then please yes, I would love it!:)

My hobbies are foreign languages! So I would love to receive postcards in your language! or any other language you want to use:) Write whatever you like! I love surprises.
Also, it would be nice to know where is the postcard coming from to me (like name of city or country) with just your name or some kind of nick, if that's not a problem:). And date, PLEASE write the date. But of course you will decide if you like these ideas.

I look forward to receive your card!
Thanks for all of them!:)

PS. You can freely ask me about swaps:)

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