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Marjolein Belder, 37 years old and i live in Spijkenisse, Holland. Married to Niels and we have a daughter (6years old, called Saar) and a son (2 year old called Cas)
We also have a redcat called Japie.
I am a creative person and a big paperlover: cardmaking, snailmailing, handlettering, painting, colouring, stamping. Other hobby's: nature, the outdoors, family, healthy food, wine, tea, bootcamp, reading, cats

I collect illustrated postcards, so if you really want to make me smile, please send me beautiful illustrations:

- illustrated fox, otters, beavers, alpaca,(red) cats, bears, whales, friendly big cats, friendly dragons
- illustrations of cats on rooftops
- tiny, colorfull, fairytail like little illustrated houses
- illustrations of camping in a tent or chilling in an hammock
- illustrations of eating Icecream or watermelon

Illustrators I Really Like and from who i collect postcards:
Katya Goncharova, Anna Speshilova, House Mouse from Ellen Jarecky,
Rolf Lidberg - Trollrike, Minna Lehvaslaiho, maja Lindberg, Katja Saario,
The Blue Cats from Irina Zeniuk, Alexander Maskaev, Irina Garmashova Cats, Inga Paltser, Krtek the Tsjech Mole, die Sendung mit der Maus, Friedrich Streich, Susan Wheeler, Alexey Dolotov, Lena Gnedkova, Renate Koblinger and i like many many more illustrators :)

I have a Facebook page where i put my collection of illustrated cards... if you're interested you can take a look :)

Free/ad cards, fine when they match my collections
Homemade cards, if you are an illustrator! Please send me an illustration of your own❤

Please send the card in an envelop to me... the road to the mailbox can be bumpy and i dont like the card to be damaged :)

Thank you so much for reading my profile and making an effort to send me a beautiful illustrated postcard :)

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