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mandathebear, United States of America


(or Amanda) is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 9 years (3,374 days).
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  • Languages: english
  • Birthday: 13th December 1983 (33 years old)
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About Amanda...

Oh, Hello there! I didn't see you. *wink*

I am Amanda.
-I am a college graduate w/ a BA in Art History... Which means I am a huge art lover!
-I have tattoos and piercings
-I crochet
-I have 2 fur babies: 1 dark as midnight black boy kitten named 'Lando Catrissian' and 1 Dachshund/ Chihuahua girl named 'Chorizo Sausage'.


->I love to have fun with the postcards I send out. I will sometimes (probably like 75% of the time) write or draw something on them with pens, sharpies or decorate them with random stickers. I love to personalize & make things less boring. So if you don't like stickers, too bad! (jk) I also make my own recycled cards from old postcard flyers and magazine pictures!

->I collected postcards as a kid & I have tons in a shoe box that I have never used (from other states and countries that friends and family have traveled to). You might end up getting one from me that I got all over the place (be warned). I will try to send the cards that you like tho. :)

->What I like?
Anything really. I am not too picky. Artwork postcards (like ones you might get at a museum/ gallery) are probably my favorite since I studied art in college... Beckoning Cat postcards if you live in Japan/ China (I am a collector of Beckoning Cat trinkets & statues. True story, I have like 40+ items so far)... cityscape/ skylines/ landscapes, buildings (cool architecture is great), animals (bears, koi fish, birds, cats, wiener dogs), map cards, home made, photo-postcards too. I also like Snoopy, Winnie the Pooh, sugar/ day of the dead skulls... I mostly just like something that shows your personality & who you are in the world. Please don't forget to tell me who you are, feel free to tell me what is going on in your part of the world (I find beauty in the slightest stories) and date the post card! :)