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m3rcur14, Finland


(or Suvi) is a member in Finland . She has been a member for over 2 years (896 days).
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  • Distance sent: 711,652 miles
  • Last seen: about 21 hours ago
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  • Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French (a bit)
  • Birthday: 1st June
  • Interested in direct swaps: Yes Click to learn more about direct swaps
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Lat: 64.14, Lon: 28.28 | Google Maps

About Suvi...

I started postcrossing, because I used to have lots of penfriends and wrote plenty of letters in my youth. Nowadays, I no longer have any penfriends and I'm not sure if I have time for longer correspondences regularly, so sending postcards every now and then seems to fit the bill perfectly. I also like stamps (don't collect them, just like them), which goes well together with postcrossing.

In my free time I like to play video games (mostly rpgs and jrpgs), knit, cross stitch (HAED patterns), play volleyball and badminton, cross-country ski in the winter and rollerskate in the summer, read fantasy literature, English classics & Moomin books, play pen-and-paper role playing games, listen to music from classical to Finnish rock & metal to Korean & Japanese pop music, go geocaching, watch films and tv-series on dvd (science fiction, fantasy and detective films & series) and walk with my dogs.

I like to travel, especially in Europe, so scenery and nature cards (art or photo) are welcome. Asia is also a big hit with me, so Studio Ghibli, Asian culture & scenery are well appreciated. I love languages, so you can send me cards with aphorisms and wise words, as well as those Keep calm and ... variations. I have learned a little Japanese in the recent years, although I'm making slow progress. I teach English and Swedish in a junior high, so anything related to the English speaking world & Nordic countries is very welcome.

I enjoy tea, hot chocolate and exotic food. I have a deep interest in all sorts of stories and words, so recommend me books to read, films to watch or write something in your native language if you like. I like science fiction from Star Trek to Firefly and lots of books in between, although I more often read fantasy novels with favourites like Patrick Rothfuss, Harry Potter -series, J. R.R. Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson - any cards with these themes are also more than welcome. Not to forget steampunk and Victorian era images. I also like comics (works of Neil Gaiman, Don Rosa, Bill Watterson, as well as Nemi & Snoopy), the Marvel superheroes, manga & anime - Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), No. 6, FullMetal Alchemist & Fairy Tail especially.

I love nature very much, so you can always pick a scene with a forest, sea, river or similar. Also animals in the wilds or marine animals. I love all sorts of animals - my favourites are hedgehogs, penguins, foxes, bunnies, cats and dogs. I have two dogs myself.

So to sum up, pretty much anything works for me, photo or illustrated. Especially if it's cute, otherwise pretty or has dragons. ^_^