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About Lukasz...

Expired postcards:
U.S.A. - PL-84362
Canada - PL-91164
Taiwan - PL-1557817


Lukasz (pronounce: woo-cash) here. Originally from Suwalki (North-Eastern Poland), currently living in Warsaw. I love to hop on a low-fare plane for a city break and to stroll around the city. I enjoy non-alcoholic beer (that's right), good books (non-fiction mostly) and I like to tinker with things seen on "This Old House".

I run an interactive agency. Do you need a website or an app? Drop me a message. 😉

I speak:
* Polish
* English (never stop learning though!)
* in need to refresh mon français
* and плохо по русски. ;)

🇫🇷 Parlez-vous français? Ecrire la carde en français, s'il vous plait.
🇷🇺 Ты говоришь по русски? Если так, напиши открытке по русском пожалуйста.

I enjoy following themes:
* sights of your hometown! As simple as that 😁
* nature in your area
* traditional rural architecture
* university/college (I work for Warsaw U of Tech)
* scenic or heritage railways of your country
* folk clothing
* local places of worship (churches, mosques, synagogues, stupas... you name it)
* (to 🇺🇸 American Postcrossers) cards with your state motto and/or state symbol
* (to 🇮🇹 Italian Postcrossers) genuine Italian pizza. I LOVE 🍕
* (to 🍁 Canadian Postcrossers) maple syrup, sugar shacks
* (to 🇨🇿 Czech Prostcrossers) smažený sýr, halušky, pivo 💛

I'd be glad if you could spare me
* free cards or advertising cards
* cards unrelated to your country (random cute puppies, smileys etc.)
* hand-made cards
* cards in envelopes

If you have no idea what to write on a postcard, there are some suggestions:
* what is your job? Maybe a business owner?
* if you are multilingual, what languages do you speak?
* college student or professor? Tell me about it;
* what is your favorite book and why;
* local food I should try;
* unobvious yet fascinating spot in your area, off the beaten path.

My life goal:
To set feet on every continent, including Antarctica.

Please write the date on your postcard. Thank you! 🙂

I hope to see you in Poland, or in your country! Happy postcrossing! Take care! 👋

Twitter: @LPojez
Facebook: /pojezierski

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