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About Rachel...

Hi :-)
I am Rachel and I am 21
birthday: 6 April

I love music and cats. I also like Star Wars. My favourite movies at the moment are: wreck-it Ralph and Jumanji. I'm also a fan of The hunger games, Divergent, maze runner. Right now I’m really into Adam Lambert. This year I am third year at Victoria University Wellington to work towards completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Development Studies and Environmental studies. Since Feb 2019 I have been working my first job as a picker in a warehouse that supplies pharmacies.

I have a particular interest in ancient Egypt and the Colosseum at the moment and would particularly love cards based on these two things 😁

It would be lovely to receive any sort of postcard!
Pictures of these things would be lovely to receive but are not necessary 😊(In no particular order)

-The greetings from Postcrossing cards
-If you are from the USA it is preferred that you have one with the name of your state on it
-Star Wars, especially R2-D2
-Purritos!!! (One of my favourite things right now!)
-Killer whales (orca)
-Polar bear
-Penguin (especially Emperor penguins)
-Scenery - preferably where you live or close to
-any sort of animal!
-Anything musical
-Anything native to your country
-The Colosseum.
-Homemade cards
-Map of your country
-FLAGS of your country
-Famous landmarks
-Unicorns (cute cartoony etc.)
-Ancient Egypt
-Natural features eg. rocks, mountains
-Adam Lambert, Queen (the band), Elton John

Preferably no travel cards, just one from your country unless it's from some really rare place such as Africa or Greenland etc. or colosseum/Egypt

If you have any random fun facts please write them! They can be about anything!

Please tell me your favourite Queen and Elton John song! I’m also into Adam Lambert at the moment so if you have a favourite song let me know! And recently into In the heights and Hamilton too!

Please also let me know if you are left handed because I am and I like knowing other people that are. Also please don't tell me if you're not, only say if you are

If you know your personality type please include it! You can find out using this website if you don't already know:
My type is ISTP-T (recently changed from INTP) and my mums type is ISFP-T

Stickers and tape are nice and please write as much as you can as it makes it more interesting and brings me happiness 😊

If you feel that the postcard might get ruined in the post or you prefer to use an envelope, then feel free to use an envelope but it is preferred that you don't

Please write the date, weather and time

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and thanks also for making the effort to send me a postcard! :-) It makes me so happy!

Everything is appreciated thank you 😁😊

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