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About Hsiang-Ling...

I'm Hsiang-Ling(you can call me Lucia, too), a young lady from Taipei, Taiwan. And Taiwan is an island in Asia.
I studied Chinese art history and theory(藝術史論)in Beijing, China and graduated from collage in July 2014 and than worked in Beijing for 2 years but I already back to Taiwan in June 2016.
My dream is to travel all over the world. Singapore is my first visited country in 2005 and I went there again in August 2014, really having a good impression of Singapore. In mainland China, I've been to Heilongjiang(哈爾濱、牡丹江雪鄉), Jilin(霧淞島), Liaoning(大連),Hebei(保定、承德), Tianjin天津, Shanxi(山西:大同、太原、平遙古城),Shaanxi(陝西:西安、華山),Jiangsu(南京、蘇州、昆山、揚州), Anhui (西遞、宏村、黃山風景區 ), Shanghai上海, Jiangxi(婺源、景德鎮),Fujian(廈門、平潭), Hunan(張家界、鳳凰古城), Sichuan(成都)and Yunnan(香格里拉、大理、麗江、昆明). And I have visited Japan:Tokyo, Hakone, Fuji area, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, I love Japanese culture very much . :D

I'd love cards which are:
❤in or resemble those on my favorites:
❤GOTOCHI ! Will send back!
❤maxicard card (原圖卡 極限片)
❤postcard with special shape (異形片)
❤UNESCO World Heritage Sites
❤natural landscape (glacier, volcano, special topography, mountain, sea, beach, lake, waterfall, river...)
❤National gallery, Imperial palace, castle, colorful building, European street scenes
❤Festivals, ceremonies, carnival, celebration...(Oktoberfest, Venice Biennale, Edinburgh Festival, Festival Avignon...)
❤Disney Tsum Tsum, Disney Princess, Ratatouille, Betty, Winnie the Pooh
❤The snowman and the snowdog by Raymond Briggs
❤the illustrated blue cat
❤Harry Potter
❤Christmas postcard in November, December
❤Birthday postcard in January
❤Inge Löök cards
❤木田安彦 / Kida Yasuhiko 木版画
❤Line Friends
❤Year of the Dog

You can also send me a card from where you live. Or surprise me with a card you think I would like! :) But please, no ad-cards (unless they are from the topics I would like to receive), black and white, self-made or self-printed cards.

Please check my received cards from your country to avoid duplicates.
Thank you!

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