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About Joy...


Thank you in advance for your postcard :)

If you could send your postcard in an envelope, it would be really, really kind of you. I collect stamps too.

Important - Date and your Postcrossing profile name as I would like to send you a more meaningful message than just "Thank you for the postcard" :)

Write to me... What inspires you? What moves you to tears? What's your favourite fragrance or perfume? What's your favourite car? Do you have a special memory of your grandma or father? What brand of politics do you follow?

Favourite Postcard Themes:

- Single View Cards.
- Romantic Love.
- Jon Hamm/Don Draper/Mad Men
- Abraham Lincoln.
- James Bond or your country's equivalent of the secret agent.
- Ancient Buildings, Historical Sites, tops of buildings above the cloud line or fog line.
- Royalty.
- Old Furniture.
- Unusual Musical Instruments.
- Mythology, Goddesses, Gods, Mermaids.
- Lighthouses and Piers.
- Airlines of the world, Aerostat.
- Trains esp. Howard Fogg.
- Air Balloons.
- Cars - Pierce Arrow, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Chrysler, Morris Minor, Cadillac, Range Rover, Jeep, Lincoln, Maserati Quattroporte.
- Bike - Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield.
- Rain.
- Butterfly, Dragonfly.
- Redwood Tree, Orchid, Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Cactus, Mushroom, Carnivorous Plants.
- Peacock, Sparrow, Goose, Swan, Duck, Mallard, Pelican, Scarlet Ibis, Flocks of Birds.
- Tiger, Elephant, Moose, Bison, Red Panda, Herds of Animals and Wildlife.
- Fish and Sea Life esp. Rays like Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Shark Rays, etc.
- Crocodiles, Alligators and all other creatures belonging to the Crocodilia (or Crocodylia) Order.
- Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Carrom.
- Duane Bryers, Charley Harper, Raija Nokkala, Virpi Pekkala, Anne Taintor, Lali Riddle, Inge Löök, Makoto Muramatsu, Denis Zilber, Petterson and Findus.
- Kotovasiya (Котовасия), Moomin (with translation, please), Krtek, Diddl, The Cursing Hedgehog, Jip and Janneke, Umka the little white bear.
- Thierry Ona, J. W. Waterhouse, Thomas Kinkade, Vadik Suljakov, Cornelis Jetses, Howard Fogg, Aleksandr Uglanov.
- Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Hannu Hautala.
- Atelier Nouvelles Images, BugArt, Zazzle.

❤ China - Costumes of China postcard collection, Chinese Dwellings Series.

❤ Belarus - Fauna of BELARUS.

❤ Japan - Chihiro Iwasaki, Hiroshige, Hokusai, Gotochi


- Fav. Books/Writers - Modesty Blaise, Twilight, TrueBlood, Nick Carter, Enid Blyton, PG Wodehouse, WS Maugham, Eoin Colfer, Charlaine Harris, Asterix and Obelix, Tintin, Spirou and Fantasio, Jughead (Archies Comics), Bone (Jeff Smith), Corto Maltese, Poirot, Agatha Christie.

- Fav. TV Serials - Dad's Army, Open All Hours, As Time Goes By, Clarence, Keeping Up Appearances, Home Improvement, The Thin Blue Line, Magnum PI, Chef!, Remington Steele, Poirot, The Love Boat.

I think that's enough stuff about me... I love both the rain and the sunshine :)

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