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About Linda...

i'm a 28 year old girl, i like to send and recieve letters and cards:) and i like other cultures.
you can write whatever you want on the postcard but i like to know little things, like what you favourite color is or band or food, things like that. When I travel I like to visit grocery stores, so tell me what can I buy. What is typical of your country that I can buy there.

I love to drink coffee......soooo..... postcards with coffee pictures are welcome too.

Benjamin chee chee cards are very welcome as well!

i like postcards with dutch illustrations as well, jip and janneke, pluk v.d. petteflat, dikkie dik, etc.

I also like to recieve holiday cards, so when it's almost christmas, i like to recieve christmas, when it's halloween i would like to recieve halloween cards, valentines day etc.....
plus.. my birthday is on july 9th, so when it's almost the big day.. i would like to recieve postcards for that as well, ofcource that is IF you have any, BUT PLEASE NO FOLDED CARDS!!

Other likes:
- Lali riddle
- Flowers
- Silke Leffler
- Inge Look
- Correspondances
- Where is Wally
- Spices
- Owls
- Fiep Westendorp
- Francien ( Cats )
- Dr. Suess
- Old houses
- Trees
- Chocolate
- Tea
- Coffee
- Whatever cards I have in my favourites ( I do not have these postcards yet.....)

every postcard will be registered and cared for when they arrive on the doormat.

Have a look at my favourites and see if you can help me collect them all :) and just to get a general idea of what i like :)

Please NO 3d cards or cards with dogs on them, I just don't like those

If you have a minuite, check out my blog :)
There are a few articles in English. And I wrote about Postcrossing. Just click the link below.

i like my cards written and stamped :)